If the soul has food for study and learning, nothing is more delightful than an old age of leisure…Leisure consists in all three virtuous activities by which a man grows morally, intellectually, and spiritually.  It is that which makes a life worth living. 

– Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)




Recreational  –  enjoyable leisure activity.

Interests  –  a subject which one enjoys doing or studying.

Hobby  –   a leisure activity that a person does regularly for pleasure.

Leisure Pursuits  –  time spent in or free for relaxation or enjoyment.

Pastimes  –   an activity done regularly for enjoyment.

Sport Activities  –  an activity involving physical effort or skill.



Here is a list of my recreational interests, please click on the links below to view the pages or use blue task bar on the far right-hand side of my blog:

Hobbies – Part 1

Hobbies – Part 2

Leisure Pursuits Part 1

Leisure Pursuits Part 2


Sports Activites



Like most people, I suppose, I was encouraged to find a hobby or interest when I was younger, and so it was that I embarked on this journey, beginning with stamp collecting which ended abruptly because I couldn’t work with the ‘stamps hinges’, ie. the stuff for mounting stamps into album pages. And forget my coin collecting experience, kept biting down on them like I would the chocolate ones. Well, I was young, is my only excuse. My other failed attempts for activities were ice-skating, roller-skating, and skate-boarding < must be the lack of braking system on them???… >  

But was I excited or what, when it came to my first local Library pass, and this pastime has stayed throughout the many years, books have been the mainstay in my life, as reading both this blog and my website you’d already be aware of my love of reading. I remember my first reading books too: the Ladybird series, yep I devoured the whole lot until I went onto harder books and other genres.

My hobbies, gardening and photography, I had not found until much later in my life, that is in my thirties, and I am glad it happened then, that is, when life took a steadier pace, for me to gain as much pleasure out of not only learning something new but being able to use my physical capabilities as well in such a manner.

Although, at this moment in time, fortunately, my head is in academic reading material, so most of my interests, recreational activities and a once active social life are on hold, save for the barest minimum ie. my voluntary work with the LHS, until my academic education has been finalised, then I can return to my other pursuits too, which I’m eager once again to enjoy as I will no doubt keep learning new things in life.

But, I will say here on this student blog, that at primary school I played the recorder instrument pretty well from reading sheet music, so much so, that the teacher promoted me to playing the biggest recorder instrument she could find — the bass recorder — and I can tells yous, that yous needed the lungs of an opera singer, at such a young age of eight years old, to release such breath to even get out a decent note moreless two!  Loved it.

I also owned a guitar when younger, but alias, a string broke and was never repaired, so I never learnt to play it properly, thus began my air guitaring adventure, so now on the ‘New Skills’ list that I’ve compiled on things to learn is: the acoustic and electric guitar, beginning with lesson one, on the plucking of the strings one at a time, that is, before I start strumming at the whole damn lot.  I knew air guitaring would come in handy for hands and fingers co-ordination practice!! 

Also see weblink article: Imaginary guitar is the airway to heaven.

And on that note, I’d best not mention my air-drumming technique to Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight song, nor my air-violining to Bach – Violin concerto No.2 in a left-handed playing method, and nor will I say what my air-conducting skills with said pointy finger particularly to Rossini: The Barber of Seville ~ Figaro’s Aria is like neither, as its by and large, usually accompanied with head-bobbing and vigourous arm movements too — thats to be authentic — as was sometimes done in public at certain open air classical music picnic concerts, very discreetly I might add, that was as not to out-conduct the conductor during a performance, better to wave a flag or pom-pom of some kind, I reckon, on those occasions next, for something to do with my hands.

Until then…


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