Overall, the first impression, which has been said to me countless of times over the years, that I seem to invoke and that does register with others in a positive way, is the view and description of me as ‘a glamorous figure’ when out and about in public.   

But at home, I’ll mention, as I’m now a homemaker, that I’ve more of a relaxed casual style (non-makeup and non-wig application as well), as to what I call my ‘Off Duty Outfits’, that after awhile such clothes will be thrown away because of wear and tear, due to the fact that I wear them to carry out household tasks and the gardening, (for which I keep my fingernails short, but more on that subject written on My Appearance Part 4 – Nail Care.)   

And I’m off-duty if I’m only going round the corner shop, plus this also applies to when I’m going to the gym, visiting garden centres, when going to the doctors, a hospital visit for tests, or the dentist, and are all marked as ‘Off Duty Days’ too for reasons of practicability.   

However, taking pleasure of the upkeep in my appearance has benefited me in many ways throughout my life, and that was also complimented on regarding my appearance; on those many occasions in the past on this blog page.   

One such time was from the Secondary School regarding the uniform, (even though the colours did require an adjustment, and in my website, on the page entry: Business Ethics, I have already mentioned the outcome of my proposal on this matter), that one had to wear.  

Priory Park Girls School insignaAnd for which, as part of the uniform, my school neck-tie represented a band of girls assigned, throughout school life; from the very first day onwards, to a particular ‘Order’ that was decided by the Headmistress, I presume, for it could’ve been the Educational Department of the Government. Who knows? And how this designation of belonging in an Order was determined has also remained classified information.   

I will state here on my blog, that I belonged to the ‘Yellow School House’ group, which I liked very much because it suited the grey colour of the uniform so well, as it was the right kind of yellow, (the other colours were the Red, Orange and Green Houses). Although, as already mentioned, not knowing its real significance. Because even though the uniform itself was obligatory, the neck-ties that we had to wear daily at school, did set us each apart into our distinctive groups. I just happened to wear mine differently thats all, being so style conscious and all, it was my first venture into improvising with having to wear a standard uniform, which still managed to create a impression with students and teachers alike during that time.   



As my character, it would seem, does bring out, from the reactions of others, either disbelief, amusement and/or its mixed with disdain in various degrees or typically being ‘volte-face’ when in my presence.  As they, themselves come to terms with their first impression of me, but most typically acting upon what they’ve heard from others, after a few meetings has taken place, that is, before turning into a respectful distance, which I regard as a good thing, for me to progress unhindered by ill-conceived notions of non-like-ability or like-ability.   

Related Blog posting: 3 Definitions of Female Types & Traits in society.  

Others, conversely, show that they have a preference, that is, either viewing the personality or character completely as separate impressions and choosing only one of them to keep as a momento, and I must say, rare is the individual that views both as a ‘social judgement’, that is, a formed informal viewpoint upon another persons being, as they have the ‘people-person’ outlook in non-verbal communication in evidence.   

And ‘people-person’ does not equate to popularity, it means, that one has an understanding of other people as well as that of yourself, and not the pyscho-babble of understanding others to understand oneself. There is a clear difference. For its also a well known fact, to those who have known me in my past, that my attitude is that of never being one for ‘popularity ratings’ because it creates the illusion of a ‘false impression’ which can be so misleading socially and in the work environment.  

Weblink article Info:
Close-talkers are are worse than neck-breathers.
If only women could take compliments like men do.


As I believe, to be popular among people would mean that it would only be because of what you did on a regular basis, that is, your actions or any compliments received, which would need to be carried out repeatedly to remain popular in other peoples’ eyes, that can lead to ego, vanity and being self-centred. And in turn, those who like their popularity rating high, would only see what they want to see in others presentation of themselves; due to their sameness on the ‘popularity front’ and not actually what is there on the ‘personable frame’ which is more sincere.    

Thus a ‘popularity front’ would make the impression a superficial social relation in the long term, and that would also indicate nothing of the person themselves in any deeper social interactions in society, as it lacks the geniune appeal of a ‘lasting impression’ of personal charactertistics that would gain someone’s respect, as it doesn’t have to be or take that ‘many’, as those few people that are around will count the most, that is, to have a worthy esteemed standing among them, that by and large, would lead to further character development.   

Thereat better still, I think, to have left the impression there to form itself into a ‘social judgement’, which I believe has a more favourable outcome in the long term of being look upon as a ‘person of note’, that is, someone worth remembering for whatever reason(s) that the impression(s) given out has made in non-verbal communications.    

Thus, in conclusion, the first impression shouldn’t be seen as a one-off occasion either, its something thats practiced throughout ones life, so one has many chances on this ‘Art of First Impressions’ skill in non-verbal body language. Thus when others view you, the subject and object, in person on that first meeting, the impression given should always leave its mark in totality, even down to the fine details (such as those given on this blog page). It will be remembered.


First Impression Weblink info:  

Soft is the touch…
gentle is the look…
create a vision ~ of femininity.
The walk…
the look…
the being within…
freedom to be…
the choice of me.
                  (by Nancy Winter-Miranda)
















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