The Lady and the Veil:
Lady, I have never seen you put aside your veil for sun or for shadow since you knew the great desire in me that lightens my heart of all other wishes. While I carried my lovely thoughts hidden (with desire they are bringing death into my heart) I saw you adorn your face with pity; but since Love has made you aware of me, your hair has been veiled and your lovely gaze kept to itself.
(a Petrarchan love poem) 



Whether your mixed raced or black in ethnicity, the hair type falls into four categories:

Type 1 – Straight Hair.
Type 2 – Wavy Hair.
Type 3 – Curly Hair. 
Type 4 – Kinky Hair.

And no, not all ethnic people have the same hair quality as there are sub-sections regarding the hair in the natural differences regarding the patterning in overall appearance regarding texture too (see weblink information below).

I personally have the naturally hair as Type 2: Wavy Hair, but within the Sub-section: Water Wave as a pattern in its appearance to that hair specifically (see example picture centred directly below of the different wave hair types) which is incredibly soft to touch and isn’t by any means coarse hair at all, as this would definitely vary according to and due to inherited genetics, as to be found in the Sub-type: B – medium textured classification. Therefore, overall scientifically I’m hair type: 2B naturally.  

Such was that everyone who asked, including boyfriends, and who had the opportunity to touch it, wanted to stroke my hair (it may have relaxed them to the point of putting them to sleep, and my mother found this so when she was doing up my hair she’d fall asleep within a matter at moments after combing it out), but it made me feel like a pet, a doll or something, for many have been surprised in its sensual quality, that even the hairdressers developed a fetish for my hair! Not so funny to be blessed with hair that everyone wants to get a feel of, got to the point of saying to them “will you stop playing with my hair!” even at school, and now resorted to wigs to keep peoples hands out of it, and the other reason of my hair being so fly-away soft in texture too that it doesn’t keep any styling to it for very long.

And I put this hair information here also because I have just got so fed up in media articles whenever someone writes about black women they generally always lump them into one category hair type: kinky, regardless of the facts otherwise that we are not all cut from the same cloth (for example: ‘Is The Fashion Industry Racist’ by Liz Jones), and its done through ignorance, lazy journalism and due to historical negative racial contexts and at the very heart of this its about sexual attraction competitiveness, rather then any scientific methods of research such as: The Science of Black Hair which will go along way to understanding ethnic hair written about in fashion journalism and not continually perpetuate the same bigoted ideas as before, so I hope the below weblink articles clarifies this for them too if they are too lazy to read a book as now there can be no excuse regarding ethnic hair types.

Weblink Articles: Hair Texture Chart, Understanding Your Ethnic/Black Hair Texture and Type and Different Black/Ethnic Hair Types.


I’ve changed my hair routine regular accordingly over the years, from when it was natural (the taking care of it has always been a long process: reserve half a day), to when it was hot-pressed (good for detangling and keeping the hair managable), and for when it had a light curly perm (to make more waves in my own naturally wavy hair), a relaxed perm (made styling the hair alot easier), and now for when my hair has changed its texture due to age (I do a mixture of a natural hair care process, hot tonging, and a semi-perm) to healthy maintain a procedure that works well for me personally and on a reasonable budget. 

Thus I usually wash my own hair once a week (in the sink due to my neck/back aches from my health related condition).  So once again, I have changed my hair products, as I didn’t see the benefit of using a regular conditioner after shampooing, and then oiling my hair, because even then as I sleep with a scarf on (or head cap), I’d lose this as I sleep badly anyways! My hair always ends up looking like I’d been up to no good during the night…rampant.

And I don’t like using alot of products in my hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy, and never have done, for hairspray was only used on those occasions when I’d make a‘French twist hairstyle’ using a double hair comb which is sometimes called a ‘hair zing’  or a‘twin hair clip’ accessory among other names, and I would also do a ‘French roll hairstyle’, or a years ago the ‘French Braid’(also see picture on left) as my natural hair was quite long then, but even now that its shoulder length, I do these aforementioned hair styles, particularly the French twist hairstyle, to keep it in place.

So lately, I’m going to try a leave-in hair conditioner product, as a bonus is that it cuts down the time factor too: a just wash and go two step system, that is suitable for all hair types called: ‘Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner’ because it contains no petrolatum in it — which is brillant — as its the healthy sheen thats important here, without leaving the reside of petrolatum on ones hands. More information can be found at the: African Organics and Africa’s Best Organics websites.

Then I’ll follow this hair care step, if it is necessay, with a very light hair moisturer product: update – I have found that it required ‘Shine Hair Polish’ only, that will keep the hair texture well, I’m actually loving these products of the brand, as, love, love, love the scent and once the ‘Shine Hair Polish’ has absorbed into the hair shaft, in a matter of moments, I can run my fingers through it without any reside of oil being left on my hands from either product, and that makes as well, for an easier time of brushing it through, which I do every morning and evening as a routine, as well as sometimes using a straighter/curling tong for allowing me to create another type of hairstyle with my natural hair whilst at home (gets to wind-blown outside — its that soft). 

Recap to my hair routine:

1. Wash hair with shampoo.
2. Put a ‘Heat Protector Serum’ into hair sections and blow-dry hair one section of hair at a time.
3. Nourish and moisturise the hair with a ‘Leave-In Conditioner’ and a ‘Hair Shine Polish’ product.

Therein, these days, I have just a paired-down hair care system that takes at most just forty-five minutes to do, from start to finish, which fits into my lifestyle pattern nicely, and works for me that I can get on with other things going on in my life, and that my hair care routine is managable with my health afflections, that I still take care of myself without any inconvenience to my looking presentable when at home.


The hairstyles which I use daily, depending on what I think will go well with an outfit, for going out and about in town, as well as, attending events, are wigs, clip-in hairpiece pony-tails plus other types of hairpieces for different effects, which are suited for my medium-sized round face shape.

I started going grey (gray) in hair colour from the age of thirteen, a family trait on my father’s side, it grew as a streak from the centre front, and being so young at the time; when it started to become noticeable to others, I found comfort from reading Catherine Cookson’s ‘The Mallen Streak Trilogy’, but still a hair problem of creating a reasonable groomed look, as I also have very soft and wavy hair in texture, although in good condition, with the colour of mid-brown low-lights and black hair naturally. To find this out, do a strand test by holding a small section of hair from the front before your eyes and then hold it against good lighting or sun light, this will then reveal the natural low-light colour of your hair; as advised when dying hair this will affect the colouring result in any changes of colour to the hair from dyes thereof.  

As from experience, I tried jet black and soft black hair dyes to cover the gray, none worked as they appeared harsh against my skin tone, and mid-brown on my grey hair came out as vivid orange hair, I went from a lost relative of the Addams Family TV series or an individual with a punk hairstyle that was rejected, if I was into that it would’ve been fine at the time, but I wasn’t. Oh well, I had to wait for it to grow out, which took ages, as I didn’t want to cut it short again. Now I no longer dye my hair, as its a high-maintenance routine for the touch ups etcetera and prone to so many variants from having had to mix two hair dyes trying to get the balance right between my grey hair, the low-light mid-brown and black hair to look naturally like my own tri-coloured hair. 

So, being as well that my hair is un-manageable to stay in any hair style; no matter what type of hairspray used, we won’t go there, ended up high as a kite if you follow my drift, excuse pun, and the ply-board look of hair gels ain’t the thing for a rounded head with its matching face shape I can assure you. For I found the costs didn’t have much benefits neither in the short-term nor long for a personalised natural hairstyle that agreed with the rest of me.

Moreover, cutting or having it short wasn’t a solution either, as it still had to be highly maintained because it grows out pretty quickly in an untidy manner, like any hair style carried out, and being that also from past experience short hair doesn’t really suit my rounded facial features that well or personal image, that is, short hair requires an over-emphasised feminine heavy handed touch and a small sized round face shape — although it looks very girlish and so cute on them — that’s achieved by make-up and jewellery to make it work as a style. 

Update: I’ve found the short hairstyles that really suit round faces, and its taken me years of experimenting, looking at other women who had short hair who happened to have a round face too (although most rocked the helmet hairstyle which didn’t suit them, I learnt the hard way also, that the helmet hairstyle is best left to the oval shape faced female to pull off well), and looking for the right pictures in magazines and the internet that has this kind of short hairstyle. So I thought I’d share this information with you, as to the appealing short hairstyle that suits a round face shape and that would be a standard classical look, (whether done with your own hair, or if you can find a wig that is styled this way) and without having to over play on makeup and still be very feminine for any female with a round face (for example see the ten pictures of the short hairstyles for round shaped faces below.)

And I’ve even worn this short hairstyle myself with my prescription eye-glasses, and on another occasion my sunglasses. And with the combination of this type of short hairstyle with my eyeglasses/sun glasses, it looks absolutely great!! And believe me, its a real head-turner look, being that is, very stylish yet edgy!! Although, as an alternative, one can have the fringe longer and the other side short still, and/or partially dyed in another hair colour at the fringe edge, that is to make more of a hair fashion statement too. And all these short hairstyles as seen below, whether on a young or mature female, it would very much look appropriate for a round face shape.


Plus with my RSI infliction makes any hairstyling all hard going, and visiting a salon is a high-maintenance routine, so wigs and ponytails were for me. Even without the health infliction of RSI and un-managable natural hair, I’d still wear wigs and hairpieces, simply for the convenience it brings into my everyday life, and having the versatility of hairstyles that suits my rounded face, which means at the end of the day, no excessive time or cost is wasted to look well presented on any occasion. 

Mavarine aged 28Furthermore, I’ve discovered that with my personal image, it really does suit very well the hairstyles of pony tails, whether placed high up or low down at the nape of the neck, that is even with using the added convenience of pony tail hairpieces (see picture of me aside on the right, aged 28, with a full length ponytail, which has at the back, a cap thats pinned into my own hair, that has decorative beading running through it all, and is one of my favourites for special occasions), as well as my face shape suiting hair styles with fringes (also known as bangs).

And generally straight hair, the classic shoulder-length bob hair with most types of fringes, however, avoiding anything heavy along my eye brows and glasses that I wear daily, hair tendrils and loose wavy curls wig hairstyles, as well as, working well for my medium round face shape. 

For example: the weblink mentioned here showing wig hairstyles for round faces in a photo gallery slide show, that does give some indication on what type is suitable ie. in length and colour, as well as, a guide to determining what is available to round faces, and what one might like as a hairstyle that suits. 

And the colour of my wigs and pony tail hair pieces, with or without highlights in them, which tend to range in shades from black, mid-brown to honey blonde (that is a golden brown) that I have and wear as my staple personal style because it depends what I’m wearing, where I’m going and the weather season to what colour and style wig or hairpiece I’ll wear that day. 

Although I haven’t counted my wig collection, but I can say in all honesty, I’ve only made three mistakes* in the purchases out of them all, so the investment has been worthwhile.

However, its very tough finding many examples of an actual round faced model (most of the female models have oval/ heart shaped faces and anything but a round face) used to promote hairstyles, to have a true sense of whether a hairstyle would really suit a round shaped face.
In addition, the height of a female counts, I’ve found out from observation and research, that is, tall round faced females could do much longer hairstyles with ease, than a round faced woman of average height, who in turn could wear just past the shoulder and on the shoulder length hair styles easily. 

And large round faced women really suit side-partings in their hairstyles, whilst those women who are petite/small round faced do well with the short hair or on the shoulder hair styles, without being top hair-heavy. 

(* the mistakes were: choosing the colour auburn, a mop/crop hair look, and a tight curled; afro kind of wig, they were re-cycled.)


A website on the History of Hair and Hairstyles and the History of Wigs from ancient times until present and how wigs are made today. Followed by an article on Dispelling the Wig Myths which goes some way to answer some of the questions; like, yes, the maintenance routine still continues with the care of ones own natural hair too, be whatever its length, texture, colour or hairstyle cut, that has left it damage-free because of wearing a wig or hairpiece on a regular basis, which has protected it from the various climate conditions, like harsh winds that encourage split ends, humidity temperatures that leaves natural hair fuzzed, and environmental elements, such as pollution.




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