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My Make-up Book Recommendations:

I have compiled a list of cosmetic books below, from my own personal book/DVD collection, and was chosen by me due to their generic content, as well as being that they can be adapted to suit and/or taken as a given fact in the mastering of makeup. 

Which I have found these particular books and DVDs to be useful, basic and comprehensive over time, and for me to refer back to as a reference source, and can honesty say that they have also assisted me in defining my personal makeup look, that is Modern Glamour, based upon some of their techniques and tips for application. So therefore I recommend them to you the following:


Glamour: A History
“…Glamour is one of the most tantalizing and bewitching aspects of contemporary culture – but also one of the most elusive…”

Glamour: Women, History, Feminism
“…The book explores historical contexts in which glamour served as an expression of desire in women and an assertion of entitlement to the pleasures of affluence, finally arguing that glamour can’t simply be dismissed as oppressive, or as male fantasy, but can carry celebratory meanings for women…”


Beauty Notes: Themed Mini Notebook 
Spiral bound and approximately 96 pages in length.

I Create Beauty Lined Journal
Spiral bound and approximately 128 pages in length, it alternates between blank pages and lined pages, with inspirational quotes providing pleasant little surprises when you turn the page.


The Girls’ Book of Glamour: A guide to being a Goddess
For young girls on how to be “…Be confident. Be gorgeous. Be Glamorous. Tips and Tricks in this book will help you reveal the goddess inside you.  Every girl deserves to live a life of glamour.”

The Goddess Guide
For older women “…insider information, glamour secrets and a multitude of heavenly recommendations, certain to transform lives from the mundane to the magical. The life-enhancing content includes: what you should have in your make-up bag to tackle every problem; and As sumptuous and approachable as a glossy magazine, this gorgeous style-bible is both fixer and facilitator — destined to be your new best friend, personal, trend-setting concierge and ultimate Goddess Guide…”

Magic Make-up Tips and Techniques
“…Expert beauty advice to enhance your looks.”

Style Eyes: Tips and Techniques
“…You may feel that you know the basics of eye makeup and decide to skip straight to the amazing looks featured throughout. But if you’re still a novice, or if you find yourself with questions, it’s best to read the earlier chapters to understand the basic techniques utilized. And in the end, do what’s comfortable for you.  If you’ve never worn eye makeup (and I’ve met plenty of you out there), try something natural.  Even just a hint of makeup — perhaps some well applied mascara under a perfectly groomed brow — can make a world of difference.  Once you’re comfortable with an everyday look, take some risks and experiment.  And remember, if you don’t like it, it’s only makeup.  A cotton ball and about thirty seconds are all you need to start over and try again.”

Eye Candy: 50 Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes
“…This book gives you multiple options for every mood and event you could ever dream of.”

Your Make-Up Simple Steps To Amazing Looks
“…This instructional DVD helps you achieve not just a new look, but the right look for your face or skin type…”

The Beauty Bible
“…Offering advice to women who want to look and feel their best from head to toe, inside and out, this book caters for all lifestyles, from the hectic to the leisurely, and from the low-budget to the extravagant. Its topics range from skin and hair care to stress management, and makeovers to massage…”

Feel Fabulous Forever: The Anti-Aging Health & Beauty Bible
“…This revolutionary book is the first to bring together in one volume everything a fortsomething plus woman longs to know about anti-aging — for face and body, mind and soul. (And everything a younger woman ought to know before she gets there) For example, there are sections on makeup for the visually impaired female who want to look great, makeup tips for climbing out of a makeup rut, and a multi-cultural make-up guide…”

Makeup: The Ultimate Guide
“…Even the most sophisticated and creative makeup is easy to achieve.”

The African American Woman’s Guide to Successful Makeup and Skincare
“…It’s the ultimate guide for every woman of color who wants to radiate her beauty, also look and feel her best.” 

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Love Makeup:
yesterday you are beauty…
but i am not beauty…
but today…. i am beauty…
for ‘lov you’ you also love me…? I.

   (by otteri selvakumar)


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