QUOTE: “Let thy garment be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.” (Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 9, Verse eight)

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Personally, I’ve always cared about my appearance, even though seeking low-maintenance regimes due to lifestyle.

And this self awareness of ‘Objectified Beautification’ is because I realised that without this any woman would be completely invisible in society and without an expression of themselves. And this process of beautification leads to a state of being in their appearance that began from within called ‘Female Objectification’ and that is one of the major aspects of their personhood.

The other being ‘Impression Management’ from the theory of feeling rules to understanding emotions. For it is argued that feeling is a kind of pre-script to action from deep acting, having been evaluated from a particular and objective point of view that comes from societal feeling rules foremost. As Hochschild was interested in how emotions are monitored as part of ‘Impression Management’ taken from the presentation of emotion.

Therefore some people’s disgust at beautification overall and the offensiveness for which they feel towards objectification is an ill-founded attitude, as to totally disregard beautification as well as objectification would be utterly foolish, because the figuration of females has to be held and start somewhere in terms of a civilising procedure.

For also, I’m not that vain and never have been, for my use of a mirror is only to do what needs to be done, and no more than that, so we remain good friends, which started at a very young age, because I liked looking ‘presentable’ that does match my confident personality and still do at a mature age too.

My Fashion Style Icons My Personal Style Developing a Personal Style My Personal Image My Body Shape

And how I learnt was just by admiring how certain women took their time to look their best, and I’d studied them well and sometimes they’d inform me too as to be inspired by their style (see below my fashion style icons). At other times, I learnt from library books, movie films, window displays and magazines on how to make the most of my outer appearance.

Also, for me later on it was about coming to terms with certain limitations of what image really suited me best, and so much so, when going out to work and events, which in all honesty, has been a steep learning curve due to the dispersed knowledge.  As well as there being, so it does seem to be, a media boycott of the athletic body shaped female — who is equally desirable and healthy — of whom I aspire to be like in regards to their fashion sense, as they are liken to myself in body shape, only their celebrities and in the public eye and have teams of stylists to work on them. 

And even though, there are scientifically proven, physically FIVE ( numerically written as 5 ) main body shapes for females, the media does not mention the athletic body shape of any female (see definition below) and neither in any size by their physiology build, who is in the public eye as a celebrity, as they do exist, in these articles, eg. ‘top poll of most desirable celebrity bodies’, and can only assume from their absence, that the athletic body shape females are more than just desirable but sensual even; as the penultimate woman-type body shape, as in that, when the Creator made, based upon geometry as His guide, the inverted triangle shaped female and called her ‘Wo-man’, as the opposite to Man, who’s body form was also perfected, so He stopped there, as there was no need to develop the female species any further and that is why they are treated as sacrosanct. 

Whereas the media industry, created by Man, seems can only count two types as a pair; the hour-glass (the mothering type) and rectangular body (the lady-boy type) shape, by using the insecurities of the other twinning; the apple (the baby-body type) and pear body (the belly-dancer type) shaped females, thus indicating its lack of credence, to get a true idea of what is most suitable in clothing for everyday wear in society, generally, for the athletic shaped female by viewing also the corresponding body shaped icons in the media. 

But I thought I’d pause on this blog of mine and share some information gleaned (see also Part 2 – Cosmetic Makeup, Part 3 – Hair Styles, Part 4 – Nail Care, Part 5 – Feminine Shoes and Part 6 – First Impressions from my own experience) and I’ve also placed on here video features with tutorials for further imparted information, because I, myself, am still exploring this aspect of myself, (see also my Leisure Pursuits – Part 1 into dressmaking) as I turn into the next phrase of my life with re-newed confidence; due to living at a time when information and know-how is more easily available to women in taking care of themselves. 

For as the author Philippa Davies stated “…there’s an argument to be made, I suppose, that if you are really confident you needn’t give a jot about your appearance.  But then we overlook the fact that confidence is often about matching our own ideas about ourselves against reality.  In reality, other people often judge us according to how we look.

And many of us want to present versions of ourselves that are appropriate, say, for the business world, or the charity sector, or public life.  In caring about our appearance, we also show consideration for other people’s sense of aesthetics.

[For] there is no doubt, however, that appropriate dress, reflecting our own, individual taste and suitability for the occasion, can help us project confidence.  Through wearing clothes in which we look and feel comfortable and which suit us — drawing attention to our best features — we can say to the world, ‘I enjoy being who I am’ [and] we’ve demonstrated the self-esteem necessary to have thought out how best to present ourselves.  And we have worked out our own rules, applied them, and are now getting on with life. Confident people are not constantly worrying about how they look; they’re too busy getting on doing things. 

Giving some thought and time to how we look is an investment that saves on both in the long term.  Once we have worked out what suits us, we won’t need to think about clothes very often, and we will avoid costly mistakes.” 

Consequently, the end result is that a woman is proportioned to her overall stature and looks in épanouir (full bloom), or as explained by IGIGI’s founder and designer Yuliya Raquel in an interview on this subject too of seeing a woman whole and in context (see video feature below) and I also like the concept of Bethany Joy Monsted who states to paraphrase “I put alot of thought into the back of the design for a cool exit rather than a cool entrance; because although its cool for a woman to make an entrance, having a beautiful exit is what people remember — its more interesting” in her interview (see video feature below), or as the designers Viktor & Rolf state “a powerful but serene” appearance regarding clothes and a woman wearing them well.

I know that its conventional to select just one fashion style icon, but I couldn’t do that honestly; due to each female being there at different stages of my life with their style influence, for I acknowledge that without their standing visibly in the public world, I would have struggled to have found my own style as they provided the template to being well dressed in public appearances.  And the reason I chose these five women was not only because how they look in their appearance, but also because they hold themselves so gracefully inside and out. What more could one ask from one’s fashion style icons!! (see video features below).

Therefore, I can relate to their sense of style in different ways, but I’ll mention just this: for Sade’s style being so contemporary, I could wear such clothing (the essential pieces in a wardrobe must-have’s) as everyday outfits, for Queen Latifah being so elegant I could wear those evening gowns on special occasions to create a presence, and for Vanessa Williams being so consistently glamorous, I could wear those tailored suits and separates to work in an office, and Dorothy Dandridge due to her timeless grace, was the first fashion icon who I noticed and who made a strong impression on me, because I felt I could wear that style of clothes with poise, confidence and above all still remain feminine, and last but not least, Princess Michael of Kent who has a superb dress sense and unique style all of her own making because whatever she chooses to wear, she wears it so effortlessly. 

My Personal Style: And my own style which is still evolving over time is the ideology of: modern glamour, and that is based upon the concept of adding an element of the unexpected that can redefine a look, using the combinations of color, texture, shape and form in its design and detailing of the modern glamour style aesthetically in one’s appearance, as modern glamour is ultimately about the art of creating a mature seductively stylish personal image from the influence of urbaneness with a hint at being unattainable, thereat unlike the classic Hollywood glamour with their signature red lipstick, thus no two modern glamourous women will ever look the same when appearing in this contemporary-glamorised way.

Developing a Personal Style: I keep a ‘Personal Beauty Book’ with notes on what things worked and what didn’t, and sometimes alongside this I keep certain empty bottles of makeup, nail varnish, or a sample of a certain pair of tights (that match black womens skin), because their no longer stocked in the shop, to try and match close to the original colour, if it worked well, as an actual visual reminder, even though the item name isn’t the same, however, the colour itself can be near matched.

In addition within my Personal Beauty Book is a listing of information and resources for repeat buying, with an alternative if a company has stopped production of an item, as can happen, which means I can refer back to this book beforehand instead of second-guessing when out shopping. 

For my worse shopping experiences are: trying to purchase feminine blouses/jackets made for busty square shouldered women; I can’t alter nor change my shoulder dimension to fit into the fashion clothing standard; I’m not round-shouldered, thin necked nor have a small bust or back, although the design style could be right, the size and cut isn’t eg. too short in cuff sleeve length and too narrow in its width, and have to spend time taking out the shoulder pads from outfits as I don’t need them. So end up buying mens shirts and boyfriend jackets as an alternative. 

Another nightmare, is buying skirts, as their made solely for those women with wider hips than I have and I can’t alter my hip bone and I don’t gain weight in that area of my body so I’d still have no hips to speak of; to fit the fashion clothing standard, as well as there being no label buying guide symbol for narrow hips at clothing retail stores, even at a UK size 16 upwards.  So end up buying skirts that need altering at the hip area or wearing shirts outside the waistband or long length cardigans to camouflage the extra expanse of material at the skirts hip area.

And buying trousers or jeans is hell, as the size might be right, but the hips are either to baggy without pockets and the inside leg is at the most the standard 32 inch inside leg measurement. I end up wearing shoe boots to compensate for the shorter length if I purchase the 32 inch pants in winter or wedged sandals in summer, and again camouflaging the hip area either with shirts that cover this or wide belts that hang low on the hips or tassled to one side to draw the eye and add a better volumed look at the hips. 

Weblink Article: Womens Designer Jeans – for the Inverted Triangle Body Type and how to find jeans for your bottom shape too.

Thereat, every purchase of store bought clothes had to be accounted for and re-worn more than once and in different ways to get the most style out of the garment. Now its come to the point of having to learn sewing my own garments and only purchasing anything woollen ie. cardigans or anything too advanced for me to make myself because I now know what suits my body after years of experience.

Weblink Article: Could you wear the same dress for a month? What men want women to wear. Why do the British have no style?

I also look at the makeup application, hairstyles and clothing images, such as on the IGIGI fashion website, and recently their sample seasonal designs from their Spring 2009 collection for inspiration. As well as, from those: Big Beautiful GirlsBeautiful Plus Sized Models and also Big Girls online; to assess whether I could do my own style version on my limited budget. Plus to see the trends and pick up tips I take a look at OneStopPlus TV. In addition, I developed a LOOK-BOOK to keep a record of liked images taken from magazine fashion spreads and mail order catalogues to hone a personal style using a simple method. 

Plus in addition, I keep my Personal Beauty Book updated along with my compiled Look Book, for which I use as a guide and note down the changes in my body (food intolerance:since turning 30 years, I can’t eat pulses eg. bake beans and lentils or else I bloat in the stomach for days), face and/or style over time as I age, as I found out having both books as a reference to hand, makes it alot easier to manage my personal image.

My Personal Image  

Furthermore, people sometimes fail to understand the difference between body shape (which is genetic, and can not be altered other than by the means of cosmetic surgery in certain parts only) and body size (which can be changed with a healthy diet and an exercise program). As well as the height of the female that would need to be taken into account.

So I will mention mine below for example:

My Physiology: Mesomorph I’m five foot seven inches tall in height, I sprouted quickly when younger and had to wait until my peers at secondary school caught up with me as a teenager. Also I wear high heeled shoes, for certain occasions because it adds to my height (a maximum of four inches), for which I make no apology in being taller to carry the clothes worn by me well enough, that in my finished appearance I look womanly and together. 

In addition, usually I’m described to my face in one word as my body being ‘solid’ or ‘fit’, but to other males its was said about me being: “she’s built!” or “she’s one fit woman!” and “she’s a big woman” as to my physiology in comments made by heterosexual males in society and I concur that my body is made this way, even as I age there has been very little change in how my body appears. That is, I’m a UK size 22 at the top having a 40D bust; with a very broad back with squared shoulders, and a UK size 16 (18 on menstruation) at the bottom with narrow hips and flat bum (made for stroking not grabbing), having a short torso and long legs, I have an inside leg measurement of 33 inches. 

As its been asked many a times, so I’ll answer briefly: I only lose weight from my stomach area of my body, all else on my body remains completely unchanged, so thereat, I just maintain a feminine look of a rounded soft stomach (as I don’t suit a hard six pack stomach like other body shapes nor for my body-frame of medium build), and weight off my stomach means my bosom (breasts) appear very much larger than a 40D, even though the size remains exactly the same. Also when I did lose weight it had an adverse affect on my personality; I was the most withdrawn and miserable person on the face of this earth, it didn’t make me happy nor those around me at all and I did try to snap out of it but I couldn’t fight the feeling of the negative impact that it had internally, I was still sullen and it showed through faking happiness too. And if I’d stayed at that minimum weight for the long-term I would’ve had more mental health problems because of the weight loss, I recognised this and gained some weight (through health problems too) so glad I didn’t stay to the minimum weight that they say was supposed to be my ideal BMI, as my weight is now at its optimal level with everything taken into account including my mental health and the natural body shape that I’ve been born with, and my personality is vibrant once more.

Weblink Article: Listen to your gut: How ‘chatter’ from bacteria in our intestines could alter our personality.

In addition weight-wise for my figure, I’d describe it as a ‘bulk mass’ due to high level of muscle and condition of its tone, ‘chunky’ being the opposite as in mid-level muscle with equal fat ratio. And I have also stabilized it: muscle being more dense than my little body fat ratio, at 15 stone over the last 30 years by eating healthy. Thus naturally born with this athletic build, I don’t need to hit the gym for a work-out, I just maintain a routine of keeping healthy (see my sport activities blog page) although with my weaked bones I can do nothing about; spinal arthritis and have to live with that condition, however given that overall I appear in rude health bodywise, I’m satisfied and have had no complaints (ahem) dressed or undressed.   

As the wordStoutmeans: “…a term describing [the appearance of] a female’s body. It is not used [nor said] negatively, but is a trait that is actually sought after. It can be used like the words fine, sexy, or most accurately [thick-set or solid in her body]. [And this word is] only to be used when referring to females [who have this physiology]” (Urban dictionary).  As being a stout woman is neither fat nor overtly muscular but has a natural healthy balance of both physically without much need of extreme exercise to maintain herself. 

My Body Shape:

The Statuesque Inverted Triangle Body Shape, sometimes either calledThe Goblet shape, but can be described as the Strawberry shape or The Athletic shape too, (also see clothing video feature, weblink article features and examples below) which comes in the body-frames of small, medium and large, as pictured above: Me, taken aged 20, in the summer of 1986, clearly shows that my body frameis of medium build, and opposite on the left is the illustration of the female inverted triangle body shape in the geometric scientific definition (and yes I look like that completely with less clothes on…).

For Alberti said primary beauty had to do with basic volumes and forms, as defined geometrically by their proportions, that is, the face shape with its corresponding features and the body shape of a person, which all gives rise to form, whilst hair styles, colour rendering, eyelashes (including false eyelashes), wearing eye-glasses, moles or freckles on the face and/or body, the shoes worn by people and their signature perfume all adds volume.

Alberti, in addition, said that secondary beauty is derived from ornament, that is, for a woman, her cosmetic make-up, her choice of frames for her eye-glasses, or whether she has any tattoos (see video feature below), the application of nail varnish, the fashion accessories and the clothes that she wears. But moreover, there were two traditions for ornaments: it should only be applied where it was appropriate and necessary, the other was that it should simply give pleasure in detail. 

Thereat creating a lasting impression when the proportion is viewed as being the primary beauty but also having acquired some dress sense through the acquisition of taste; as defined by ornamentation from possessing secondary beauty.  Thus both the primary and secondary beauties are distinct, as well as, signifying the meaning of a woman’s femininity in her appearance, that is, when combined and/or to various degrees.

Weblink Article: Fashion World: Strawberry Body Shape Style Guide, Fashion can flatter any figure and Department Store launches size 16 mannequins in shop windows to reflect shape of average woman.

And if one of your leisure pursuits is making outfits, the winter coats featured in the above video on ‘Winter Fashion: How to Buy Coats For Your Body Shape’.

Well I’d like to mention that, all those coats can be made very similar to them, with your own choice of colours and button finishing details, that has been recommended for the different female body shapes from a McCall’s sewing pattern, which are shown on the same page on their website under the section ‘Jackets & Coats’. 

Weblink Article and Info: Season Color Analysis, Your Season & Colors and Colour Analysis Mini Seasonal Swatch Wallet.

As the sewing pattern numbers are: M5525 for the Classic Trench coat for the Hourglass shape female, M5758 and M5982 the military style jackets for the Rectangle shaped female, M5329, M5718 and M5594 are the statement jackets for the Pear body shaped female, and M5939 or M5766 Pea Coat styles that are for the Apple body shape femaleand the Athletic shaped female. 

So one needn’t worry if any of the winter coats aren’t this seasons fashion trend at the moment, nor in any of the high street clothing shops for purchasing, because if one can find a seamstress or make the coat yourself, it can become an essential part of your personal style once made.

Best Fabric Material for Strawberry Shaped Females: Jersey (Plain-Knit), Viscose (Rayon), and Silk (Protein Fiber), Rayon Challis (Plain Weave fabric), Wool Flannel (Napped fabric) and Silk Suede (Light-weight suede that feels like silk). 

The ‘Inverted Triangle’ body shape Fashion Design Era: 1930’s clothing style because the cut and fit suited this type of body silhouette. As the motto of the 1930s was one of ‘Movement is life’ being of a healthy body and mind, so it is fitting that this fashion era was deemed stylish. Thereat, the fabric method being bias-cut meant that it added flirtations and an elegant quality to women’s clothes to hang and drape in sinuous folds over the contours of the female form creating flare and fluidity of the fabric as a woman moved her body, thereat, the 1930s fashionable style was ladylike in appearance and fashionable sleek.
Inverted Triangle body shape Art represented by: Michelangelo’s female sculptures, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti in paintings Haweis stated that “…there is no ought in beauty, save your own feelings of delight, and it is only the pleasure of the majority which determines art rules; and the more capable you are of comparing one sensation with another, in fact, the more you cultivate your eyes and minds, and the more fastidious you become in arranging pleasant accessories, the higher is the form of beauty resultant from your efforts.”

Inverted Triangle Body-Shaped Icons: Egyptian Queen Nefertari, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Dors, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Joanna Lumley, Lara Croft, Trinity and Jessica Rabbit.

Yes, Jessica Rabbit, as when you assess properly her figure from the front, she’s broad and straight across the shoulder, large-busted, small waist, and (slim) narrow hip dimension, which makes her the typical inverted-triangle shaped woman.

However, from looking at her from the back, she’d be a hour-glass shape, due to her bottom and shoulder’s being in direct proportion to each other with a small waist, but most women from the back look hour-glass in shape, its illusionary, just like when all women lay on their sides they suddenly turn into a hour-glass figure.

Hence, when these two factors are combined with regards to Jessica Rabbit’s body-shape she becomes highly sexual, and with her exaggerated poses makes her seem alluring (even when she hunches and brings her shoulders slightly forward to make her bust appear even bigger when around men, but Jessica Rabbit doesn’t do this flirtation trick around women, thus her shoulders resume their natural broad shoulder width when in another woman’s presence)  — that’s why she’s a caricature — no matter what she’d be wearing.

NOTE:  In the geometric determination of any figure shape, the full frontal analysis always takes precedence.

Thus Jessica Rabbit is an inverted-triangle body-shape. And for a hour-glass figure caricature icon would, of course, be the cartoon of Betty Boop due to her rounded-off shoulders and (full) wide hip dimension, as well as Velma Dinkley (apple shaped), Olive Oly (rectangle shape), and Tinkerbell (pear shaped) but then, their not relevant here on this blog.


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