I only wear six perfume scents, for different reasons and occasions.  And are not worn regarding my moods nor because of the season (as everyone knows temperate climates aren’t that easy to adjust for when deciding on a perfume for each of the four seasons also, for you could experience them all in one day – liken to any mood too!) and it is difficult choosing a perfume that represents your personality and/or lifestyle (see video tutorials and featured articles below as a guide.) But if anything, there are two main seasons for perfume wearing I believe in London, England, and that is the Summer and Winter seasons due to their potent temperature and windy climate respectively, for in Summer the scent can last ages on the body especially if the matching body lotion is used in conjunction with the perfume, whilst in the Winter season, the crisp breeze can carry the scent along without any effort on the part of the female to do anything extra, which is why at these times its the most beneficial period for a perfume scent to be worn by a woman, as in a urban city metropolis the scent one wears does and can be noticed so quickly, as is also the response being so immediate from others.

So my limited choices can see me through the years, the first scent is one that I buy myself on a regular bases because it sees me through the everyday for casual times just to throw on as its to hand, particularly for the summer season as it always refreshes me at the start of my day no matter I’m doing, as I love the citrus smell of it, particularly from the top notes.  As all the other four perfumes I’ve mentioned below, were initially brought as gifts for me by the male gender — so their of real personal significance, as they know me so well, what can I say?! So I’ve continued to purchase the perfumes periodically for myself because they are so me in their sense of smell, love them.

The first one is ‘Sunflowers’ which is my go-to scent for everyday wear, particularly as I was a mature student, and a stay-at-home-mom who was always on the go doing projects, so this is an ideal fragrance for me because of its fresh scent, which does lift up the spirits to greet the day and throughout the evening relaxing after a hard day with tasks.  But this scent when worn is also great when out and about running errands around town as it reminds me of a paced life on the go, or reading a book in an urban garden park, it puts me in that frame of mind to awaken the senses. 

My second and third perfumes are ‘Red Door’ and ‘Red Door Velvet’ which are another of my go-to-scent for everyday wear, but for different reasons; the leisurely mingle with the crowd, and cafe scene: meeting friends.  They are ideal fragrances that puts me in the mood for a good time and the social experience that could be had, or even an evening at a pub listening to live jazz.  So, these two perfumes by their very nature and my body chemistry, means that I don’t have to try too hard to to be urban nor feminine as well as contemporary and glamourous all at the same time.  And yes, these are the two perfumes that I’d chose to wear to bed at night on my body flesh, every night, either one will do it for me, as they make me feel womanly and sensual…ahem. As I believe that a woman should wear a specific scent in bed that makes her feel oh so good all night long…

The fourth one ‘Samsara’ is my signature scent, and is most suitable for the evening, when it really does come into its own because of its powerful aroma, and this is worn for late evening picnics and open-air events. 

The fifth one, ‘L’Air Du Temps’ is a perfume that I wear during the daytime and for going out to theatres and gallery visits as its very lightness makes it appropriate as I walk by.  And when going out to work, this is the scent that I wear, because it doesn’t overpower anyone and yet still leaves me feeling refined at the end of the day.

And the last one, ‘Classique’ is what I wear when I know I’m going to be seated close enough to people, during a dinner party or social event, for long periods of time, and I want something special for them to remember me by, so that I stay on their memory long enough until we meet up again. 

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RED DOOR (1989) by Elizabeth Arden

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Elizabeth Arden

Top notes: Roses, Ylang-Ylang, Peach, Plum, Winter Oriental Orchid,
Middle notes: Jasmine, Forest Lilies, Wild Violets, Freesia, Vetiver,
Base notes: Honey, Sandalwood, Amber and Musk.

This fragrance is classified as a luxurious, flowery fragrance. 

This feminine scent and the beauty of the Red Door perfume is that it can be worn for any occasion. While it was primarily for formal occasions initially when marketed, it has become accepted that for less formal times it can be worn. Even for simple occasions deserves a splash of ‘Red Door’ to not only give you a lift but also to those in your company, particular as a Winter seasonal scent.

RED DOOR VELVET (2006) by Elizabeth Arden

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Elizabeth Arden

Top notes: Earl Grey Tea accord, Cyclamen and Muguet.
Middle notes:  Jasmine Petals, Freesia, Peony.
Base notes: Honey, Vanilla, Musk and Patchouli.

This fragrance is a sheer, floral, chypre fragrance and is classified as oriental/spicy. 

This is truly a feminine perfume, yet it has that hint of a male cologne about it too, for its definitely not a girly-girly scent. Therefore it isn’t for the faint-hearted female whose trying to capture the allure of youthfulness and/or has bashfulness in her demeanour, as it would give off confusing signals to the inhaler of the scent and to those who know her, as her traits would be very much at odds with this perfume.

For the ‘Red Door Velvet’  scent is very much a mature and strong woman’s perfume, who has a sense of herself and personality to carry this perfume off well with that ‘click of ones fingers in the air’ to societal convention but politely done and gets away with it beautifully each and every time.

As this perfume gives an indication as to where a woman’s at in the world, it speaks to the wearer confidence and says to those inhaling the fragrance “this woman’s totally together and sensual!” and that’s what makes the attraction glamourous. So its very urbane thus it can be worn for any occasion.

SUNFLOWERS (1993) by Elizabeth Arden

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Elizabeth Arden

Top notes: Lemon, Rosewood, Orange Blossom, Mandarin, Bergamot, Melon, Peach.
Middle notes: Cyclamen, Rose, Pure Jasmine, Osmanthus, Iris Root.
Base notes: Musk, Cedar, Amber, Moss and Sandal Wood.

This fragrance is meant for a celebration of life. It has a fruity scent, with a fresh, sophisticated and unforgettable feel. It has a bright burst of melon and peach complemented by jasmine, with tea rose at the heart. The lasting impression is musk and sandalwood, so its an ideal fragrance for casual wear as well as for Summer evening wear.


SAMSARA (1989) by Guerlain 

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Jean Paul Guerlain
Bottle Designer: Robert Granai   

Top notes:  Jasmine, Ylang Ylang.
Middle notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Narcissus.
Base notes:  Tonka, Iris, Vanilla. 

Samsara is a Sanskrit word signifying “the cycle of birth and rebirth”, and is the path to nirvana. The scent is a woody-floral oriental. 


L’AIR DU TEMPS (1948) by Nina Ricci 

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Francis Fabron
Bottle Designer: Marc Lalique 

Top notes:  carnation, peach, neroli, bergamot, rose and Brazilian rosewood.
Middle notes:  rosemary, carnation, gardenia, violet, orchid, cloves, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.
Base notes:  Spices, iris, amber, sandalwood, amber, musk, benzoin, oak moss, vetiver and cedar. 

A fragrance of emotion, L’Air du Temps exudes a mysterious power of seduction. Its fragrance blends into the personality of each woman to bring out her sensual charm and refinement. 


CLASSIQUE (1993) by Jean Paul Gaultier 

Availability: In Production
Perfumer: Jacques Cavallier [Firmenich]

Top notes:  Rose, Star Aniseed, Orange, Mandarin, Pear Liqueur.
Middle notes:  Iris, Orchid, Plum, Ginger, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang.
Base notes: Woody Amber, Vanilla and Musk. 

Celebrating its tenth birthday in 2003, “Classique” is a floral oriental housed in a bottle of feminine form. The classic but non-conformist scent was inspired by memories of childhood. In addition to the above, the parfum contains notes of Daffodil. 


Perfume Weblink Info: 

There’s a perfume on the breeze /
I caught it’s scent in the morning sunrise /
Our lives covered in mist /
Life is a mystery within a mystery.
(by Zubyre Parvez) 

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