“No brilliance is required in law, just common
sense and relatively clean fingernails.”
John Mortimer)


I started to take care of my hands from a very young age, to be exact seven years old and its was a daily routine due to the fact I’d have household duties to perform, with a six o’clock start to my days that didn’t finish until nine o’clock in the evening, such as washing clothes by hand, washing then polishing the kitchen floor by hand, and washing the dishes after each meal by hand (which the latter still is done by hand), that was all done without wearing domestic marigold gloves. Tsk, tsk, tsk. This of course, would leave my hands dry, so I’d cream them straight afterwards and had to keep the finger nails short or at the most a medium length.

My wearing of nail varnish began firstly with a very clear colour as a top coat, when I was ten years old, which I did wear for primary school too, and not just the weekends, so by the time I was twelve years old I was wearing red nail varnish (see picture on left), which suits my skin colouring even today, and wore that red coloured nail varnish for secondary school too, which I liked because it was another way of being stylish on a budget.

And over the years, I’ve experimented with different nail varnish colours, but I’ve realised at this stage that certain colours suit my hands better than others; as I had kept note of the colours when I bought them in my ‘Personal Beauty Notebook’, as its also where I detail all my purchases, so that I could keep track of what worked well and what didn’t as to save time in the long term. So therefore, I’ve made it so that the nail varnish colours that really go well with my skin tone and fingers are incorporated into the outfits I’d be wearing and the season.

Such as for example, the nail varnish colours of light grey, french rose, or a french manicure pink, orange-reds or corals, and liken to the lime coloured fern in nature, I apply a lime green nail polish, which suits my finger skin tone and nails too for the summer season, as they all go well with the lighter coloured fabrics of my summer wardrobe. Then in the winter season, the nail varnish colours would be dark grey, bold blue-reds, dark brown, black and dark purple as they all worked well with the heavier bolder coloured fabrics of my wardrobe (see nail swatch colour wheel picture on right) And if, when going out to work, as I did once, I’d have a natural look with a french manicure for a professional look to my nails.

And even when wearing false nails, I take care of them most of the time with tools for that purpose for different tasks, such as using tweezers to pick up paper fallen to the floor, and if the object is metal, I use a small magnet to lift it up, and a paper knife for opening up envelopes.

Then I use a stitching awl for opening and closing zips, a shoe horn for putting on shoes and boots, a thick chunky pen for pressing the buttons at the ATM and POS systems terminal (as no doubt designed by man for men and not for women with medium length finger nails or a soft touch) when out shopping. I use gloves for housework, also gloves for washing and rinsing my hair as a routine practice. I use my finger knuckles to switch on/off wall socket lighting and plugs.

Also see weblink info and video on: ‘how to put on a pair tights (pantyhose) correctly’ when having fake fingernails. And I would suggest cotton gloves to be worn, because of the nail tips, even with natural tips, as the nail tips can still tear the latex gloves and peep through woollen gloves to catch on the tights, thus I’d recommend the wearing of woollen and latex gloves to those who have very minimal nail tips, that is I really mean none at all, only for those persons’ of that particular nail type. Therein, tights will last longer on all types of fingernails.

And for applying facial creams from jars, I use a wooden spatula for this.  And how a person would apply a cream moisturiser to the back area of the body, is by using a long bath handle sponge, for which I use a body-butter product due to its thick creamy consistency, so it doesn’t absorb into the sponge or slide off, which makes the task so much easier for anyone, although its sooo less pleasurable than if your partner does it for you, oh well.

And yes, I can wipe my ass and fanny area, with femfresh cleansing wipes moving from side to side, to be delicate in that area, with or without fake nails, just as you would clean a female baby’s genitalia with the same care. As done by females with fingernails using this particular ‘side to side wipe’ cleaning method which doesn’t sexually excite the females genitalia whatsoever, or develop any soreness at all, nor is there any risk of being scratched by a nail.  As it is also so, for adult women, with treating their genitalia area gently, with having false nails on using the side-2-side wipe technique too. You just had to ask.

Thus overall, one feels confident that ones hands and fingernails are well presented and you can carry out daily tasks too.

Hand Care Weblink Info: 

Nail Care Info:

A radio programme on: The History of Nail Varnish application in Britain.




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