Symbolism for the: Unicorn

In the history of the unicorn is one of a very few mythological creatures that are considered to be beneficial in almost all traditions. The unicorn is universally beautiful, mysterious and difficult to capture or tame. Although modern unicorns are depicted simply as horses with a single horn, traditional unicorns also possessed a billy goat’s beard, a lion’s tail and cloven hooves.

Unicorns have a place in Greek mythology, Chinese traditions, in the art of the Indus Valley and India. Greek writers including Pliny the Elder and Aristotle mention the unicorn in their writings.

In Biblical Terms: Translators of the Hebrew Bible used “unicorn” for the word “re’em” and give at least eight mentions of the unicorn in the Old Testament, including “God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.”–Numbers 24:8, as just one of many examples of them being mentioned within the Bible.

This allowed a pagan symbol to become highly esteemed within the church. In fact, a grouping or herd of unicorns is called a “blessing” of unicorns.

Weblink Resource:

Symbolism of diagonal lines: Devotion.

And the diagonal lines conveys a feeling of dynamic action, such as wisdom and intellect.  As ‘Diagonal’ lines represent movement, action, and speed. Diagonal lines conveys a feeling of dynamic action even when the subject is static.

Lines that lead the eye or direct attention are referred to as leading lines. And vertical, diagonal, horizontal, and curved lines create different representations.  Such as the ‘Vertical’ lines communicate a sense of strength, rigidity, power, and solidarity to the viewer. On the other hand, ‘Horizontal’ lines represent peace, tranquillity, and quietness. And ‘Curved’ lines present a sense of grace.

Symbolism for the colours:

Gold (Or) means that of : Generosity and elevation of the mind.
Black (Sable) means that of: Constancy.
Orange (Tawny or Tenne) means that of: Worthy ambition.
Maroon (Sanguine or Murray) means that of: Patient in battle, and yet victorious.
Red (Gules) means that of: Strength and generosity of spirit; fairness.
Purple (Purpure) means that of: Justice.
Blue (Azure) means that of: Truth and loyalty. Silver or White (Argent) means that of: Peace and sincerity.

Symbolism of the:
Ray (Rayonnee)
Glory and splendour; fountain of life; intelligence and enlightenment

Symbolism of the: Star (estoile or mullet)
Celestial goodness; noble person, and third born.

You don’t have to be royalty to have a family crest/coat of arms; even the most ancient houses inEuropehad to start somewhere. Coats of arms are not awarded to a family or a name, but to an individual. Therefore is also no reason anyone cannot create a coat of arms and crest for themselves, whether based on the coat of arms of an ancestor who shared our name (and may or may not be related to us), or designed from scratch to mean something special to our own lives as an individual and/or family.

Note: Crests are not normally borne by women, or clergy, at least not in theUK, because they did not participate in war or tournaments and thus would not have a helm on which to wear it upon their head.

The reason for a coat of arms, depicted on a shield and that bears symbols, is because it is representing family (or the individual) for its victories, strengths, wisdom, or characteristics. Every detail on a heraldic coat of arms, has some meaning: the colours, shapes and symbols, they all represent qualities such as courage, faith, devotion, or triumph over adversity or some other worth, value, point or merit, to which the family or individual embodies within themselves and expressed in the social world as to what they represent at a glance: Hope (courage), Majestic (faith), Glory (triumph), or that of Radiance (devotion) which signifies a position of solidarity, and that one knows who one is and what one is about, that is in the world, domains, realms and sphere.

See Weblink resource on Family Crests:

Having been born into the feminine gender, that is without any doubt the most alluring and enchanting creation thats ever been made to be abound in life, for being born thus it does come with this honour such righteous symbolism of gynaecolatry, and realism that a female that embraces her Womanhood completely with its surrealism, knowth the Self to be She, hence being a maturescent and a femme savante.

Ethnic Origin: Mixed Race:

I am mixed race which means a person whose parents are of two or more different races or ethnic backgrounds is specifically I’m a Creole person – which originally refers to locally born people with foreign ancestry. I see myself as a ‘coloured’ person moreso.

Thereat I don’t need anyone’s acceptance to either group of black or white, nor confused since its been already formed by miscegenation unions within my family genealogy (which historically occurred not through slavery, but via being land-owners), the mixis being mainly European for me (spanish, celtic, german, french, italian and english) and the ingenious Indian native tribes (from central American) and the Igbo tribe (from Nigeria, West Africa) that migrated to Jamaica; regarding my personal identity and cultural heritage, that I embody, embrace and represent also directly from my parents which is:

White (father – German nobility) from London, England (profession: priest)
Black Caribbean (mother – English) from Watchwell,
St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica (worker: school dinner lady)

My Ethnic Belief:  I believe in the ideology of The Civilized Body which is the central focus of British Norbert Elias’ theory (Source: ‘The Body and Social Theory’ by Chris Shilling). To paraphrase, Elias uses this term ‘The Civilized Body’ not to denote a static pinnacle of achievement. Instead, ‘civilized’ is a relational term which, while providing a means of comparison, always refers to ongoing processes of change.  According to Elias, there is no beginning and no end to civilizing processes.  The same holds for the development of civilized bodies. The methodological approach adopted by Elias is informed by the central idea that bodies are unfinished entities which develop in social contexts, are mutually interdependent and, historically speaking, are in a constant state of flux and change.  And this is so unlike the ‘tokenism‘ those of mixed heritage and others whom still believe in the ‘One-Drop Theorywith regards to skin colour only (see reprinted article: Halle Berry’s ethnic support of this belief) which has dominated USA/Canadian society.

Positive Aspect: And in the last census in 2001, from the UK’s minority ethnic population of 4.6 million or 7.9% of the total population, people of mixed race account for 15% of the total minority population and nearly half of all minorities live in the London area in Britain. And recent figures from the Office of National Statistics reveals that one in ten children is the product of a mixed-race relationship, which is an increase of 75 per cent since the Nineties. For Britain is one of the fastest growing mixed-race populations in the world, fuelled by the rise of inter-ethnic ­relationships.  And due to being mixed race on the whole, they as well as myself, are the only people who can truely and purely state and claim to be multi-cultural in society, therefore they haven’t failed the State nor Democracy, on the contrary, they have enriched and contributed to their social world in an empowering way and this is exclusive to them being of mixed-race birth; not of being made artificially through social engineering, for the body is also political.

Negative Aspect: Are the racial utterances of mixed race people being told that they are: “a mix-up” which is a degrogatory comment, it has the under-tone of infering being ‘an accident of birth’ that is a mistake/a mess/just wrong for existing, as implied to be inferior, as well as an infered madness or retardness, for the term said as a phrase “oh you’re a little mixed up” in the English language means exactly that, a confused mental state; rather than being a straightforward remark about “a mixed-race” person; the colour or ethnicity particularly if a black/white combination, therefore saying someone is “a mix-up” is an insult (said mostly by dark skin women).  Another comment that gets said is that mixed raced people are “dirty” people (said by both black and white people of either gender state this) and “they can’t wash their skin clean to become white” (said by white women), being asked if they have used “bleaching cream at all?” and “I don’t step in shit, I step over it” (mainly said by black women), “their lost and marooned” and “confused about their identity” both comments infering retardedness in the mixing of races (said mainly black males/white of both genders) and “they’re fickle” as to imply retardness (said by black women) particularly if said mixed race female is born out of wedlock too.

For definition of: ‘dirt’ and ‘dirty’ means ‘any foul or filthy substance, as excrement, mud, dust, etc.; whatever, adhering to anything, renders it foul or unclean; earth’ but most men think of the sexual connotions instead for such a word in that of unusual sexual actions outside of social norms, and not the racist tendency that women associate in their use for the word ‘dirty’ and ‘dirt’.

For the term ‘dirty’ is usually followed also by such racist gestures in being left bar(s) of soap or deodrant in front of a mixed raced person (that’s usually banged down onto the surface of a table top), as totally unwanted gifts (no reason or season is apparent) and/or hinted that its needed; without any warranty for such action, which by and by implys that they should wash away the black ‘dirt’ to whiten their skin ‘clean’, as they’ve become ‘tainted’, and because they also smell from then being contaminated by a black person hence also the deodrant being given too, and these racial gestures of ‘unwanted gifts and inferences’ come mostly from women (mainly white). And of these racists incidents they occurred in the workplace carried out by female bosses and also by colleagues.

And the other racial gesture deployed is air fresher being sprayed and windows being opened wide, when a mixed raced person just enters and leaves the room and/or is living among them in their street area or on an estate (mostly black women) when these actions are completely unnecessary; especially in the depths of winter and air-conditioning: as there was no pungent smell in the environmental air; except to them a mixed raced persons presence, so when this is done whilst you, as a mixed raced person are there in situ, it signals their racial prejudice overtones more-so when followed with their hostile stare: you should’ve got their message as in “french people are smelly and dirty.”  As I’m both of mixed race and part french, the black women carry out this racist-misogallic (a hatred of french) behaviour, and of these prejudical occurrances, they happened in a socialising context.

To the other racist actions that I’ve endured such as having eggs thrown at my resident windows and the cars owned. This I’ve been told has racial undertones and connotions by the police, as it has happened on more than one occasion. And I think its because an egg is mixed with yellow and white inside with a tanned brown shell (analogy to mixed raced person) that can turn into a stink bomb with a pungent smell (racist implication) as they are the common type usually thrown, which is the same message used by both white and black racially prejudice women, except they usually send their children out to do this action, as they know that nothing will happen even if the police are involved, so they all get away with treating someone of mixed race actually like “dirt” (and what happened to me being made to eat it also when a young toddler, and water thrown at me when a teenager).

Weblink Articles: Britain’s top police watchdog admits taking officers off the beat has fuelled anti-social behaviour and Police have lost the public’s trust: “We’ve retreated from the streets and broken our contract” says Yard chief.

In the wider racial and prejudical behaviour towards mixed raced females: white women will either sit so close by you in the presence of males, so that the skin colour tones can be compared, and the white women will continually stare towards the mixed raced females with either scorn and/or intimidation, so that the mixed raced female vacants. The black women tend to deploy the same tactic as white women, but in addition they move away with either scorn and/or a nasty under the breath comment. And these incidences happened either when I was socialising or in formal situations.

And other such racial remarks and gestures come in that form for anyone mixed race in colour, in particular a female (infantilized) rather than a male (supposed sexual prowess) like for example: when a white woman meets a mixed raced female she states outright “I’ve dated a black man” when socially this private detail wasn’t even asked for by the mixed raced female, thus this is usually the tactic cover-up for their racism which soon begins afterwards, as they imply that no man desires a mixed raced female because all men prefer a white woman apparently no matter their age, social class or appearance; they can egotistically ‘take it or leave it’ the white males as they are looked upon as a white woman’s guaranteed meal ticket rather than implicit exclusivity; by chance, choice or design, as also implied by the various media channels: historical or modern that reinforce this ‘notion’ written and visually. Thereat it could only be concluded from this that White (Caucasoid) women generally are the most sexually aggressive and/or arrogant to hold the title as the “World’s Dominate Sexual Predators” because they will use any means at their disposal to bed men of all racial creeds, and take the phrase ‘belonging to one human race’ operatively not figuratively, literally; and in second place comes Asian/Oriental; Yellow (Mongoloid) women who are sexually predatory through the means of subterfuge; in third place is the Black (Negroid) women whom are sexually predatory mainly through the means of tight and/or revealing clothing, and tied into last place as the least sexual of predators are the Mixed-Raced and Indian; Brown (both racially classified as Caumonegoid: the hybrid combination) women whom express their sexual predatory skills via body language, and by which this has all been accurately deduced for the historical evidence that supports this sociological observation.

Weblink Articles: ‘SocioSexuality – A 48 Nation Study of Sex, Culture and Strategies of Human Mating’ by David P. Schmitt, and ‘Gender Differences in Erotic Plasticity – The Female Sex Drive as Socially Flexible and Responsive’ by Roy F. Baimeister, also ‘Is There a Gender Difference in Strength of Sex Drive? Theoretical Views, Conceptual Distinction and a Review of Relevant Evidence’ by Roy F. Baimeister.

Whilst black females try and influence the choice of skin coloured partner for the mixed raced male by stating “black males should only go with black females” to (re-)integrate him into being “black” (black fathers of mixed raced females say this also) as their prejudical comments in the social world, because they feel that a mixed raced female is somehow in their eyes “immoral” and “soiled” in their world view, thereby both white and black females go about undermining any potential relationships for a mixed raced female to settle down in building a family and home: you’re never good enough.

From personal experience, all this is said and done when the individual is born from a white male (implied stupidity: jungle fever) and black female (implied ugliness: demonised) as parents mostly, but can occur broadly in society too as they come across many bigots during their lifetime: particularly if the name isn’t anglo-saxon to boot one gets a double amount of racism and prejudice from other mixed raced people too, as well as white and black people.

Thus, one grows up learning never to expect support from anyone: be they another race, the male gender, from another country or culture, as generally they will defend by and large, the white and black women, first and foremost, in whatever action or comment they do and say — a mixed raced female is just plain wrong even if she’s justly right, she’s “the problem” and thereat “shit” to them.

The strategy for living in this modern day life as a mixed raced female, is to focus on what’s real to you, who you want to be in life, known to be like socially and hold onto one’s dignity in what you are.

In short, I will post a podcast on this topic later on, further from a Social Scientist perspective rather than from personal experience. Mainly, on other positive and negative aspects of being mixed raced, for example: do anglo-saxon mixed race people from white mothers fair better in society than any other type of mixed races?

Nationality: British Citizen – 2nd generation
“The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.” (quote by Alexis de Tocqueville)

It is defined that ‘Britishness’ is the state or quality of being British, or of embodying British characteristics, and is used to refer to that which binds and distinguishes the British people and forms the basis of their unity and identity, as well as to explain expressions of British culture — such as habits, behaviours or symbols — that have a common, familiar or iconic quality readily identifiable with the United Kingdom, which means that Britishness is tied with inclusive civic nationalism.

And the Union Flag or otherwise known as the flag of the United Kingdom (as show on the right) proudly illustrates this Britishness of a people who identify with the nation of their birth, and therefore is rightly so one of the most potent symbols of Britishness, which was created in 1606.  Although I’m still awaiting the date of a British celebration along with a St. George’s Day for England, as public holidays, even though the flag can be flown by an individual on any day of their choice, but these public holidays would be for those people who wish to show their patriotism to their Nation (United Kingdom) and Country of origin since birth (mine is England) with its way of life, can then freely do so on mass as being part of a democratic State on a specific date, which is most relevant now more so than ever: of the people, with the people and by the people one stands — British.

Demonym: Londoner

The Latin motto for the London coat of arms is:
loci dulcedo nos attinet
meaning ‘the pleasantness of the place holds us’.

I was born, raised and reside in London to be a Londoner, just happen to be doing a Lambeth Walk.

“…The British and English capital is, increasingly, a city which belongs to neither country but to the world. London is a centre for international organizations, its most profitable activity, the trade in money, beating to a pulse that knows no national borders. For the rest, it conforms to the English belief that the ‘real’ country is somewhere else. When they want to praise London the English say it is ‘a collection of villages’, a description which, while it may explain much of its chaotic charm, would never be uttered by a truly proud urbanite. Londoners were willing to build monuments, like Trafalgar Square, but not to plan a coherent, liveable whole…” (The English: a portrait of a people by Jeremy Paxman)

Weblink Article: A love affair with a city like London demands much more than an air-kiss.

Social Class: Habitus (lower middle-class)
Refers to the lifestyle, values, dispositions, aspirations and expectations of particular social groups that are acquired through the activities and experiences of everyday life.

“No individual can arrive even at the threshold of his potentialities without a culture in which he participates. Conversely, no civilization has in it any element which in the last analysis is not the contribution of an individual.” (quote by Ruth Benedict)

New affluent workers – These people are economically secure, without being well-off. This class group is sociable, has lots of cultural interests and sits in the middle of all the groups in terms of wealth. They’re likely to come from working class backgrounds. (Lower Middle Class in Britain, 1870-1914 by Geoffrey Crossick)  

Date of Birth: Wednesday 8th September 1965
(Office for Family Records: E-K Dec 65, Vol. 5C, page 1222)

The song the Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel was released in the year of my birth, so I thought I’d follow this historically with what happened on the day 8th September, and the events of the 1965 year to mark the occasion with those aforementioned links to the relevant pages highlighted here in blue. And onthe day it rained with “a deepening depression crossed southern England on the 8th and gave 15mm of rain” see weblink London Weather for 1965 for a detailed picture weather-wise for that month and year.

Religion: Methodist.
Baptised – 29th May 1966
by Minister Conrad E. Job, at the Munster Park Methodist Church in Fulham.

The Methodist principle of faith is that any disciplined theological work calls for the careful use of reason. By reason, it is said, one reads and is able to interpret Scripture coherently and consistently. By reason one determines whether one’s Christian witness is clear. For it maybe asked that “what is there to question?” And two examples are given here: ‘The Dark Bible‘ and the ‘Biblical Apocrypha‘ as they point to such reasonings to mull-over, but it need not shake ones faith, certainly not a Methodist’s, as thought is usually given to such questions impartially. As by reason one asks questions of faith and seeks to understand God’s action and will.  And what did my own line of questioning and research reveal; in answer as a common theme that runs through the texts: both Heaven and Hell as dominions; as to the deities along with theirs sycophants and their minions respectively to be found there, are very big on public humilation to whomsoever their target be, as so experienced and written in religious texts as a teaching, however spirituality is another matter entirely; as a way of coping with Heaven’s and Hell’s many ‘inadequacies’ even if given another name called ‘weaknesses’ it means the same, but the word ‘inadequacy’ is so much more significant and caustic for a masculine denotation for it hasn’t been feminised to the word ‘weak’ in this context. Although its also noted by me that given the phrases “as it is in Heaven so it is on Earth” or “Hell is Earth”, the one choice that no other place has is ‘religious teaching’ or the option to follow ‘a spiritual path’; that solely belongs to the people on Earth. Amen to that.

I personally live my life from the outlook of The Holy Spirit. As tts often asked about the Here-After (Afterlife). I’d say that living through the Holy Spirit, there is no Afterlife. Only the eternal Being of Existence. The Afterlife pertains to the Immortality of Remembrance, that is of Time spent and the Time to come; as Life in on Itself.

And the reason I believe in religion is explained better by this comment: “….sometimes you have to experience it to understand it, Faith, Grief and Life are a few examples that come to mind. I really don’t believe in living my life according to “Chance” or “Possible Accidents” which is why I don’t believe in Evolution and do believe in God. – Richard, Gracay, France, 08/3/2011 16:09…” (source: Reader Comment section in ‘BBC’s face of religion is a self-proclaimed atheist who claims God had a wife and Eve suffered from sexism‘) and his reply to this article is also my religious standpoint too, as it is about how one lives one’s life, science is about how life came to be which is a totally different premise. As to the theory of God having a wife, I’d state that when Yahweh (an irascible anthropomorphic god, and in a side comment: little has changed no surprise, she said smiling at him) said “no other gods before me” he meant exactly that, in familial terms Asherah‘s God’s; Yahweh’s half-sister from his father’s side, and she’s married to El (the supreme god) his only wife, she’s also in her own right a triple goddess, hence the Ugarit myth of El having two wives in reality its really her in two of her aspects, thus her other name is mentioned in the text, one aspect always remains hidden.  But she could act as Yahweh’s consort, that is, companion at official ceremonies hence her presence in temples; in so doing as a brother, who’s a confirmed bachelor, would do when dragging a sister along to a function with the aim of warding off unwanted female attention, serving the same purpose here too; he’s a macho patriarchal male; he does the chasing of women; the reputational playboy, whilst his long-term friend and brother-in-law El is a staunch patriarchal family man and workaholic.

Note: The dieties have ‘bondings’ rather than ‘marriages’ in a formal ceremony. And unlike human relationships on Earth, the diety matings (whether with a human, a Cambion, Demi-God; half-demon-god (like Satan), or from the Elder Gods and generationally, or those of Titan origin, or someone uniquely mixed with all; a human-cambion-god-titan (liken to a triple Goddess), humans matings with deities result in Star Children: the spiritual self all be of the same trace element, thats why it can happen; even when in embodiment. And some of the ‘bonding’ process takes place in that realm of which they will utimately belong too, that is regardless of the skin colour, but more as likely the male is with a female born out of wedlock only, that is mainly due to having the ‘freedom’ from all earthly ties and it widens the gene-pool), are made for all eternity: they can’t be broken, for the ‘bondings’ go much deeper and the ties much more stronger, its a ‘connection’ thats profound, and yes, that female can call upon her male whenever she chooses and he will respond to her needs; it is true and pure with no motive other than to mate and be devoted with their partner, whom was chosen from birth, thus unreplaceable from each other, just as much as what they represent symbolically, that is, both in males and females it can’t be taken away, even if they fall, fail or make a mistake, its theirs to do as they wish for all eternity too, and that also applies to Satan, Thor, Devil, Lucifer, and in respecting his three holy titles: God of the Morning Star, God of Thunder, and The Prince of Darkness because he’s from all three realms; the Heavenly abode, the Earthly sky and of the Underworld. Thereat, the use of condoms, foreplay and the withdrawal sexual technique wasn’t only used by Man you know, thats why Yahweh is another ‘playboy’ of the Heavens, until such time as his mate appears in his life.

My Certificate of Baptism details: Mavarine Du-Marie, a portion of it shown only, directly above here, and thats due to legal reasons.)
Date: 29th May 1966

Therefore, I can only thank my father, for choosing such a very appriopriate religious faith for me to be guided by in this modern lifestyle; as part of the traditional conservative path, that blends so well together, which I endeavour to bring into my everyday existence (see weblink for the Methodist Church Social Creed), even though I’ve yet to engage in the activities of a Methodist church locally, I still no less take my faith most seriously and deeply but I carry out mine with a lighter hand than most externally, as is evident in my writings because its important to know what your spiritual gifts are too which would be, and in my case, are linked to the values that one holds most dear.

As my father also had a sense of humour too, because he no doubt knew or had an inkling that my character trait would entail that of methodism, wit and reasoning, which are the core part of my individual nature, although not that of a sweeten temperment. So the Methodist view of the Holy Trinity meant that father needed all the help he could get in keeping me on the straight and narrow, for father made my date of baptism on a Whit Sunday also known as ‘Divine Mercy Sunday’, which stems from the Old English word ‘whit’ which means “spirt” or “living creature”, that also in pronunciation could mean ‘wit’ as in having a sense of humor too.  Ah miss him.

Although I must say, as to having any God-parents, no I didn’t and don’t know who were assigned as my God-parents, that part of my life was to remain a mystery; even my mother didn’t know who they were, nor did my step-father when I asked them years later. As this was brought to my attention because my half-sister knew hers, and could go to them for advice, which she often did and received gifts, money and cards over the years from them. I never had no-one else to turn to in times of personal crisis, as to the role God-parents do take on in the duties of providing child guidance, as one of the points of being baptised is the appointment of God-parents is to give this service, thus seen as very important in religious and familial terms.

And as to receiving any type of blessings towards me, well none materialised, ever. I got over it. As it all became markedly clear that everything in my early childhood seemed to have been done half-hearted as a standing joke; things left missing, half-completed like this matter of knowing one’s Godparents when younger, or being so purposefully complex when having to explain later on to people. And this all occurred among those who were supposed to have mattered in my life in a familial way, which wasn’t taken too seriously by them, and wouldn’t have allowed me to fully participate in society.

It was like they all expected me to die well before my time, and in and beyond my death to be also non-existent, as to that extent, so to them it mattered not the administration of my life it seemed, that is, in my early childhood, perhaps not even now. And as I survived day after day, their frustrations and resentment getting the better of them over time, too many of their claiming accidents or oversight excuses in due care, they no doubt were all hoping that Satan, as the Reaper, would have taken my life on false-pretenses, that is, rather than allowing what might’ve been in my life, and it is my LIFE: as in an immortal spirit. Thereupon they offered me no hope, as they dismissed my life as being insignificant, as they have always done so, as they were equally unavailable when they were in it long ago.

And the consequences of living I began to realise I would have to face alone, there was to be no steady influences not even from the allocation of God-parents, and that I was on my own in life, and that dawning of that enlightenment came to me gradually at certain stages of my self development, as a very stark realisation before I reached adulthood, as to being alone, which was to play a huge factor in my lifestyle. All I have is my own spiritual Faith.

My Confirmation: Anglican
Date: 7th April 2012

Anglicans are Bible-believing and deeply (if sometimes quietly) spiritual Christians, who are linked to all Christians everywhere via the Communion of Saints, and especially connected to Christianity’s ancient heritage through our liturgical (structured) worship and the unbroken succession of clergy (ministerial) authority, conveyed by the Biblical practice of laying on hands, across the generations, and traceable ultimately to one of Jesus original apostles, who obtained their authority the same way from the Lord Himself.

We differ from some other liturgical churches in our view of Scripture, we teach widely doctrines relating to God’s written Word. And because we recognize our worship has been in God’s presence for so many centuries, we have also chosen to continue to use the more ancient form of liturgy (Greek: meaning “people’s work”), and enjoy God’s Glory resident in that worship, especially when we invoke His Holy Spirit into it.

 So much so, that I went through Confirmation on Easter Eve, 7th April 2012, which took place at Southwark Cathedral, as a confirmand of the North Lambeth Parish & Circuit, to that of a Member of the Methodist Church, with ecumenical tradition linked the Anglican, more details of the milestone events can be seen on my photo albums on Facebook, that of the time leading up to the day of Confirmation, and that of after the day at Methodist Church that I attend regularly:!/media/set/?set=a.251766358243667.60940.100002309142982&type=3!/media/set/?set=a.273530146067288.65912.100002309142982&type=3

As I charted my journey through this spiritual process of growth and faith, and I learnt much about myself in a very profound way, in reconciling all that I held dear to that of consolidating my plain path which I lead.

                           A black Rose: symbol of Devotion and Solidarity.

Weblink: Prayer and Devotional Life of United Methodists (United Methodist Studies) and article: ‘Rich should be forced to help the poor’ by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


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