“All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.”
(Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, Verse eight)


I can keep track of any points of view, comments or arguments whether that communication is verbal, written or in pictorial form, without getting distracted, confused, side-tracked nor lost within them; no matter how many individuals are involved and/or participating.

Thereat, I’m still able to get to the essence of that opinion, imagery or feelings; expressed or inferred, and give that feedback from me, back to the person succinctly or extensively, as in the phrase ‘getting to the gist of the matter’ that essentially adds a true value which is integral to any message.  

And I, Mavarine Du-Marie, have also acquired past experience in administration and my organisational abilities is still used by me to achieve a beneficial result.  I am diligent in handling my work commitments with confidence and professionalism. And I am able to think commercially.

       A visit to my blog posting on the subject of my organisational ability, as an example, entitled: “How do you 0rganise yourself?” was written for an assignment, and was part of my course work: TU120 Working with Information Online, taken with The Open University, that I have also linked into this general profile, makes it clear that even in my personal lifestyle, I’ve carried out this function and have applied its application, by using a relevant method, such as, for example in my blog posting: The Church of Business which relates to financial budgeting, when it has been a requirement to achieve an outcome even as a student.

       Thereat, I believe, the brief essay “How do you 0rganise yourself?” does give some insight into my skill in this area, but this is not all, because it also states how a specific project came to fruition in being able to retrieve items ie. articles, documents, books from various sources effectively, but also that I was able to apply it to a concept within an academic course material subject when it was asked for. Therefore, I have also featured, in that same blog posting, some relevant informational videos on the matter of organising and research from another perspective.

       Another example of my ability is on report writing skills which is given on the: Business Marketing Case Study blog entry, as this assignment was undertaken for my B120 Introduction to Business Studies course with the Open University, and on this blog entry also are featured videos on this subject. 

       For being organised makes being diligent easier and is the key reason for having items to hand when needed through practising order, as the opposite of this professional work ethic is the term of phrase: ‘making more work for yourself’, meaning it doubles any task action sought when organisation has been the missing aspect in setting out the preliminary work first and foremost. However, the practice of diligence is done by me using my organisational skills in two ways; for setting a foundation and accomplishing a task, and that takes some discipline to achieve an aim.

       Also the term called ‘Life Management Projects’ as was once called, and still relevant today I believe, either of two things: ‘Household Management’ or ‘Home Economics’ both of which were the foundation to put order into the working sphere, that is usually a function seen as chaos, thus bringing into usage the term of phrase: ‘putting ones house in order’ for generally its where it all starts, and that involves a commitment (eg. see blog posting: Changing a business culture).

       Which does produce what was intended eventually, more often than not, as these things are the bedrock of living a full life I’d say because ‘Mastering a Life Skill’ in such an area of organising is a keystone to everything else, in whatever field eventually taken, has an essential value, as it doesn’t operate via others but initially from oneself.

       And the other reason being, just like a colony of ants, in that once actioned, it carries out its functions with an exact purpose in its execution; throughout ones personal lifestyle (see Summary of my Recreational Activities), academic endeavours and working experiences that is conclusive yet dependent upon a soloist to see things accomplished.

       As ultimately, its my wish to put this organisational ability and diligent work ethic which I have stated in this ‘General Profile’ of mine to use once again in a second career and a ‘Research’ job is my aspired to plan, (see my posting: “A Scholar’s Motivation” for further clarification). 

       And I can only envisage using these elements in the field of my choice in a productive way for an organisation, that is, to achieve constructive endeavours once more, and that I hope makes a difference as a contribution to society one day if given the opportunity.


Hillman, J (1996), The Soul’s Code: In search of character and calling, published by Bantam Books, pp.122-3.

“…Seeing is believing — believing in what you see — and this instantly confers belief to whoever, whatever receives your sign.  The gift of sight surpasses the gifts of insight.  For such sight blesses; it does transformative work….” 


“…For all this insistence on the phenomenal I do not mean that there are no reserves, no shadows; I do not mean that an event is but a persona, the front it puts up, mere showcasing.  Reserves and shadows are not invisible.  They show in reticence, in circumlocutions and euphemisms, in shaded, averted eyes, in slips, in hesitancies of gestures, second thoughts, avoidances.  There is nothing plain about a face, or simple about a surface.  The supposedly concealed is also on view and subject to keen sight. 

The image that a mentor spots in a pupil or apprentice is neither all front nor what’s hidden behind, neither a false self nor a true one; there is no real you other than the reality of you in your image.  The mentor perceives the folds of a complexity, those convex-concave, topsy-turvy curves of implication that are the truth of all imagination, allowing us to define an image as the complete how of a presentation.  Here I am, right before your eyes.  Do you read me?” 

As does a blogger ask today. 

This is Learning:
To have skill to throwe 
Reignes on your bodies powers,
that nothing knowe;
And fill the soules powers,
so with act, and art,
That she can curbe
the bodies angrie part;
All perturbations;
all affects that stray
From their one object;
which is to obay
Her Soveraigne Empire

(a poem as an inclusive style of self-management:
Euthymiae raptus 504-10)


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