“Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?”
(Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, Verse 22)




Current Resume as at 2013  

And besides my educational history (which is also mentioned below), it also has listed within the pages, my work history to date has been at various companies in London, Britain.  It will be updated from time to time accordingly as I progress.

My Study Room
(My Higher Educational Academic Achievements
under the shelving and over the desk area – 2010)


Student ID: M2515473
OU Region: London (01)
Catchment Area:
Chelsea & Fulham (SW1; SW3; SW5-SW7; SW10)(0238)

Graduated on: 31st July 2010

Bachelor of Science (Open)
Awarded: 31st July 2010

1993  Society & Social Science – D103
1994  Understanding Modern Societies – D213
1995  Social Problems & Social Welfare – D211
2006  An Introduction to the Humanities – A103
2006  Understanding Management – Y159
2007  Enlightenment to Romanticism – A207
2007  An Introduction to Business Studies – B120
2008  Working with Information Online – TU120
2008  Starting With Maths – Y162
2008  The Renaissance In Europe – AA305
2009  Renaissance Art Reconsidered – AA315
2009  Making Social Worlds – DD308

Blog Posting:  Ab imo pectore

Diploma in Sociology (Open)
Awarded: 31st July 2010

1994  Understanding Modern Societies – D213
2009  Making Social Worlds – DD308

Blog Posting: Aere perennius

Certificate in Higher Education Social Science (Open)
Awarded: 31st December 2009

1993  Society & Social Science – D103
2006  An Introduction to the Humanities – A103
2007  An Introduction to Business Studies – B120
2008  Starting With Maths – Y162

Blog Posting: Distance lends enchantment

Certificate in Business Studies (Open)
Awarded: 31st March 2009

1999  The Capable Manager – B600
2001  Understanding Business Behaviour – B200
2006  Understanding Management – Y159
2007  An Introduction to Business Studies – B120
2008  Starting With Maths – Y162
2008  Working with Information Online – TU120

Blog Posting: Alias adieu Business School faculty

Certificate in Humanities (Open)
Awarded: 31st July 2007

2006  An Introduction to the Humanities  – A103

Blog Posting: Alias I’ve to content myself (full-stop)


LAMBETH COLLEGE – Student ID: 10027056

2013   C&G PTLLS (Prepare to Teach in Lifelong Learning) Certificate
(Level 3)

(Course Code: T1V006/9112Y)          (Grade: Pass)


Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning.
Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning.
Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in lifelong learning.
Principles of assessment in lifelong learning.

BEDFORD COLLEGE (via Bright Assessing) – Student ID: 101495606

2012    NCFE Certificate, Assessing Vocational Achievement (Level 3)
(Course Code: 501/0885/2)          (Grade – Pass)


Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment.
Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment.
Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding.

Student ID: 12304369

2006 History of Architecture (Level C):
(Module code: FFAH094U)

London Architecture 1600-1900     (grade: Credit)


To outline some of the main themes in the architectural developments of London in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.
To represent some of the main stylistic themes in the period and show how they are represented in London buildings.
To enable students to develop skills in looking at architecture constructively.
To bring together buildings with some of the historical factors that conditioned them.
The fabric and the layout of London.
The earliest building materials that were used in London.
Prestige buildings: Civic and Government buildings.
18th century London Churches.
Wealthy Retreats: London Villas.
Major buildings of the 19th century: The Financial City.
Development of different types of building meant for specific purposes: Shopping and Theatre buildings.
Open Spaces: Pleasure Gardens – The Picturesque Metropolis.

2006 History of Architecture (Level C):
(Module code: FFAH128U)

Architecture: London’s Dwellings 18th-20th cen. (grade: Merit)


To provide a general knowledge of the history of English urban and suburban domestic architecture of the 18th-20th centuries.
To enable students to identify the main issues in the history of housing, in particular architectural ones.
The history of the type of house and of its architectural elements.
The most important, and very ‘concrete’ aim is to put students into a position to research on a house, or a group of houses on their own.
Learn architecture and planning ‘technical’ vocabulary.
Introductory: The Literature of Housing/Approaches.
The regularised row of houses: Classical Planning and Classical Architecture.
The Anatomy of Speculative Housing Development.
19th century Housing Types.
The Facade of the Victorian Terrace House.
19th century London Building Materials.
The Changing Face of the Suburb.
The Garden City/Garden Suburb: ‘Semi-detached London’.
Early Blocks of Flats: Philanthropic & Bespoke, Council Social Housing Dwellings.
Mixed Developments: Tower Block Housing, public and private.



LAMBETH COLLEGE – Student ID: 10027056

2013   CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills (Level 2)
(Course Code: B1-130)      
(Grade:  Pass)


Counselling theory and skills practise
Weekly learning reviews and summaries
Essay and personal assessment

LAMBETH COLLEGE – Student ID: 10027056

2013   OCR Certificate in Business & Administration (Level 2)
(Course Code: R1C036/7112Y)         (Grade: Pass)


Principles of Supporting Business Events.
Principles of Providing Administrative Services.
Principles of Managing Information and Producing Documents.
Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment.

LAMBETH COLLEGE (via TBG Learning Provider) – Student ID: 10027056

2012    EDI Certificate, Retail Knowledge – Stage 2 (Level 1)
(Course Code: 7111A)                (Grade – Pass) 


Understanding Retail Customer Law.
Understanding the Control, Handling & Replenishment of Stock in a Retail Business.
Understanding the Handling of Customer Payments.
Understanding How Individuals & Teams Contribute to the Effectiveness of a Retail Business.

BARNET COLLEGE (via TBG Learning Provider) – Student ID: 11909754

2012    EDI Award Certificate, Retail Knowledge – Stage 1 (Level 1)
(Course Code: CT111V2)          
(Grade – Pass)


Understanding the Business of Retail.
Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector.
Understanding how a Retail Business Maintains Health, Safety and Security on its Premises.
Understanding the Retail Selling Process.


LAMBETH COLLEGE – Student ID: 10027056

2011    C&G Certificate, Book-keeping & Accounts (Level 1):
(Course Code: 8991)
                (Grade – Pass)


The completion of financial documents such as invoices and credit notes.
The recording of cash and credit transactions in books of original entry
preparing bank reconciliation.
Understanding the petty cash imprest systems and trial balances.

2011   City & Guilds Certificate, Computerised Accounts (Level 1):
(Course Code: 8989)                 
 (Grade – Pass)


Being able to create accounts.
Processing accounting information in respect of the sales and purchase ledger.
Understanding how to use batch control sheets.
Being able to produce accounting reports such as customer activity reports and supplier details reports.

LAMBETH COLLEGE – Student ID: 10027056

2007    City & Guilds – Certificate in Delivering Learning
(Course Code: 7302)                (Grade – Pass)


Key principles of delivering learning.
Learning and reflection.
Learning programmes.
Producing schemes of work and session plans.
Planning and preparing sessions – delivery of a micro-teaching session.
Learning journal and summative profile.
Case Study.

LAMBETH COLLEGE  – Student ID: 10027056

2006    City & Guilds Certificate, Design & Craft (Level 2):
(Course code: 7822-48)

For example of my work: http://en-gb.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.121226757964295.31963.100002309142982&l=eb551db2c6

Garden Design – Part One         (grade: Pass)


Drawing to Scale.
Basic Costings and Site Surveying.
Plant and Material Identification.
Experiment and use colour theory.
Experiment and use line and marks.
Create texture using a variety of materials.
Shape and form.
Exploring the Potential of Ideas and Materials.
Selection of a process or idea.
Selection and experimentation with materials, tools and equipment.
Develop garden design skills in relation to an Urban Courtyard Garden, Disabled Gardens and Countryside Gardens.

Design for Craft – Part Two   (grade: Pass)


Unit 1 – Develop a design reference for craft, through a series of outcomes demonstrated by a body of practical work.
Unit 2 – Explore the craft at some depth, gain skills in the practice of the craft and a thorough knowledge of materials, techniques and processes applicable to this level of work.


Student ID: 16440583

1998 General Certificate of Secondary Education (Level 1):
(Course code: G48)

Law   (grade: D)


Unit 1 – The English Legal System: Introduction to Law.
Unit 2 – Law in Action: The Law of Tort, Introduction to Criminal Law, and Family Law.


Word-processing, spreadsheet application, internet proficiency, strong analytical ability, research skills, and a working knowledge of Sage version 12 along with other accounting software packages.


What I’m looking for is a variety of duties that can call upon my administrative organisational abilities, work that involve projects, and managerial tasks. 


Listed below is the project work that I have carried out independently of my own accord over a period of time, that has assisted me further in gaining knowledge from the research I’ve undertaken and with regard to my own experiences about the differing aspects of life. And these projects were done because I also hoped that it might prove a useful contribution and offer insights in general to society that might be beneficial.

My Beauty Blog, which is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the Modern Glamour makeup look. It’s about a style that is perfectly balanced. There’s a harmony of colour and shading as it about achieving a contemporary finished makeup look. The key feature of this Modern Glamour makeup look, is the face achieving a three-dimensional aspect in applying the cosmetics with skill, that comes from an expression of health, as having a suppleness that is surreal:

An audio podcast, based upon my informed views of the social world which will be added to as a work in progress for the amount of research that needs to be undertaken, as the topics arise for giving a commentary: mavarine.podbean.com 

A blog about being a long-standing student and my own informal varied personal interests: mdm35.wordpress.com and about my educational exploits. It also contains various articles, essays that I’ve written for courses, and helpful tips on studying successfully in video tutorials, and other postings which are all related to what I’ve studied and from past social experiences, along with video tutorials which can come in handy as a reference guide about the social world. 

My website about business in general and my work experiences: Business View it has feature articles, written by myself, regarding business and management; in general. My brief business autobiography and it also contains book reviews as a quick reference guide and informational web-links. 


Weblink Article: What are Specific Learning Difficulties?

Also I thought I’d mention, firstly so that its understood, my Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) doesn’t make me retarded in any way, shape or form, nor a distraction in the classroom; as I’m not ADD/ADHD whatsoever, and neither do I have all of the attributed problems associated with SpLD, only those that I’ve listed below.

I’m mildly dyslexic, have dysgraphia and also dyscalculia to various degrees, but I utilise the resources available to me. So my Specific Learning Difficulty disability are minimalised, but not cured, hence also to compensate I rely on good hearing, reading body language, memory and organisational skills, therein I manage as best as I can to achieve academically, that is, since passing my 11+ exams and gaining other academic secondary school qualifications, as well as can be seen above, my educational history in Higher Education and Further Education — so far.

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