3 Definitions of Female Types & Traits in society

 Road Map to Metaphysics

“…Even a critique as radical as Wollstonecraft’s deployed abstractions to explain ‘human nature’ that seemed to her simply to have been misrepresented by the philosophers.

[For] Wollstonecraft advanced her critique by means of abstractions, and she did so at least partly to defy the philosophers’ claims that women were incapable of making generalisations. 

[She was] willing to question virtually every other social and intellectual convention of her day.

[However] Wollstonecraft was not willing to interrogate what had by then become a cornerstone of her society’s social imaginary: authoritative knowledge-production depends on and proceeds by means of abstraction that mediates between what everyone can see and what everyone believes…”

(DD308 Making Social Worlds, The Open University)


“Social science affirms that a woman’s place in society marks the level of civilization.” (by Elizabeth Cady Stanton)



The definition of ‘social imaginary’ is referring to a part of society, or some other type of entity.  These ‘imaginaries’ are usually understood to be constructs and in this sense are contingent on the imagination of social subjects. (DD308 Making Social Worlds, The Open University)

Beta women:  Dependancy – deemed lazy (in mind) and easy (in body), only costing men money. Whilst she looks at the cost of the relationship being solely: Yours. Sociological Expectation: Security.

Alpha women:  Independent – viewed as being too high-maintenance, as they cost men time and money. Whereas, she looks at the financial relationship as a bartered one: $£€¥¢¤. Sociological Expectation: Attachment.

Alpha-Omega women: Interdependency– suspected of being too much like hard work, the ‘cost-benefit analysis‘ female otherwise going by the acronym of a ‘CBA’ woman. Whereupon, she looks at the investment within the relationship as assets: Ours. Sociological Expectation: Conduct.

NOTE: This sociology theory does not take into account MISANDRY; hatred of men by women, MISOGYNY; hatred of women by men, and MISOGENDERhatred of own gender.

Nor the notion of Beta women pretending to like men, Alpha women suffering from penis envy towards men, and Alpha-Omega women thinking of men contrary-wise to her circumstance.  

Social science theory: The three female types along with the statistical figure of their ideal male partner types to be found in society (Q.E.D) are:

Beta females: 50%   Beta males: 40%

Alpha females: 30%   Alpha males: 20%

Alpha-Omega females: 20%   Gamma males: 40%

As in all probability this might be due to the social interactions and conditioning regarding relationships in society since the 20th century onwards, that is, when an increase of social mobility began to take place at a much more rapid pace, as did too, the dynamics of female types and traits that became more noticeable to those who studied in the social science field of sociology; particularly as women began to exhibit more of their natural characters and personalities outside of the home sphere and into the public sphere in society, and this could now have a direct bearing of how they build their relationships with their ideal partners in life as a social consequence.

For it could be found that the Beta females attracts mostly Beta and Alpha male types and this might be because of the opportunity of belonging to a social circle or occupation which allows frequent meetings to occur, such as attracting males in the media, sports, music or fashion industries, as well as those who have a jet-set lifestyle and/or belong to high society, or those males who are at the margins of society.

However, Alpha females attract both Beta and Gamma males rather than Alpha male types overall, as Alpha females generally belong to a different social strata than Alpha males with fewer occasions to meet up unless their in the corporate work environment, as well as socially historically, attracting those white-collared males, such as the civil servants, teachers or doctors in society.

Whilst the Alpha-Omega females will generally attract all the male types depending on her social situation and a male’s confidence in his Manhood, as most males do not reach maturity until at least their mid-thirties (if at all) and has gained the required life experience, for example, Alpha-Omega females are usually, it is reckoned, to be partners of males in the military, lawyers, politicans or diplomatic services, or historically as well, those blue-collared male workers, who function in that society and social world.

As to certain women assuming that every man in the entire world can be made, trained to be or changed into their ‘mate ideal’ type for a long term relationship.  No.  This is not so.  And shouldn’t even be entertained.  Ever.  As its a misguided factor within gender roles.

As this fallacy has been to the detriment of other ‘mating ideals’ of a man, namely four, that can be found within the man himself if one looked, such as:

*   ‘the man about the house’; he provides the brawn within the home ie. shopping, hoovering, shelf building etc. *   ‘the attentive lover’; doesn’t take it for granted. *   ‘father of the children’; can be left in charge with their care, and this potential can be observed when he takes care of god-children, nieces and nephews within his parental family. *   ‘the husband material’; personal care of the wife as top priority within the relationship.

And it is these four ‘mating ideals’ above, that a modern man should be offering of himself in a relationship with a red-bloodied heterosexual female, and not something that boosts their own self-esteem, that is termed as the ‘Trendy Men’ or a ‘Male Arm Piece’ eg. the bad-boy, toy-boy, metro male etc, as their social constructs.


For its the ‘husband material’ mate ideal which is where few man today fulfil completely, as it takes a long term commitment and dedication, but all other aspects of the mating ideals are obtainable and realistic also for a heterosexual partnership which still takes into consideration the males lifestyle and social class background, eg. a rich male won’t be found to be a ‘the man about the house’ or ‘father of the children’ ideal type but yet have the time to be an ‘attentive lover’, or ‘husband material’ ideal type, whereas a middle-class male might be ‘father of the children’ type or even ‘husband material’ but not be an ‘attentive lover’ or ‘the man about the house’  ideal type, and lastly, a working class male might be ‘the man about the house’ ideal type or a combination of all four depending upon his situation.


In short, taking this viewpoint on, if all these ‘mating ideals’ is taken into account over a long courtship, a female would see which aspects dominate and/or the mating ideal combinations within a man and to what degree, as well as, his character traits and personality type and are willing to compromise on if they so wish in having a partner.

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“Man’s only true happiness is to: live in Hope of something to be Won by him, Reverence something to be Worshiped by him, and Love something to be Cherished by him, forever.” John Ruskin

This quote applies to God and Man alike, so you know where you stand. In the traits of 3 females it would translate to: that which is Won by him would be an Alpha female type, and his Reverence would be towards an Alpha-Omega female type, and that of Love would be given to a Beta female type.

THE RELIGIOUS CONSTRUCT OF WOMEN: It has been asked how God the Father made women men’s Helper without any clearly defined job/role description. In answer, it is there as one turns to its individual specific religious principle, which is found overall within the content of the Holy Bible.

For they being Women in terms of what they are, have been found to be homogeneous; in uniform composition or character in three distinctive categories that’s been identified, but the females in the world at large, are a heterogeneous group, that is distinctly non-uniform in ‘one of these qualities’, in regards to their roles within religion or society as required in adaption to the cultural influences: different women have different interests, tastes and opinions.

Therefore, it is not man, who in his wishful thinking, to decide in what capacity he wants, needs or desires a woman to be in his life, and this is the issue based from their egotistical resentment of choice-bondage, that Man and Male Deities alike, that is, they have with God the Creator in essence and his Will in creation, they undermined his Authority and Divine Judgment in terms of women’s potential. So because of their ingratitude, thus (Alpha), therein (Alpha-0mega), and thereat (Beta) in regards to females, thereof God gave women her sense, in her being, that of Self-Determination through her femininity; therein her differences to Man and Male deities alike. And they, the males and men, got what they were bloody-well given. End of.

As this creation of Woman and her ‘Hoodness’ was already per-ordained and sanctified by God; well before mans whimsical preferences were made known to him, for the archetypes of women were already in existence long before Mankind had ever known, it was just her ‘Work of the Flesh’ that was required to be created. For example in ‘Wisdom’ who is female, the blessed one, of the Holy Bible, is one of the implicit functions, mainly carried out by the Alpha-Omega females, as for example this telling of how Alpha-Omega females and saltiness of communications that were in their trait by their early fore-mothers:

“…Two men, great anchorites came to the district of Pelusia to visit Amma Sarah. When they arrived, one said to the other, “Let us humiliate this old woman.”  So they said to her, “Be careful not to become conceited thinking yourself: “Look how anchorites are coming to see me, a mere woman..”” But Amma Sarah said to them, “According to nature, I am a woman but not according to my thoughts.”

 To be a woman was to be ‘fleshly, sinful, sensuous, passionate, and bodily”: qualities Amma Sarah’s culture sought to avoid.  To be a man was to be ‘rational, godlike, angelic, otherworldly”: qualities valued in her culture.  To be ‘manly’ (not necessarily a male) was to live beyond the passions: to know them, to be aware of them, yet not let them rule.  Several of our spiritual fore-mothers were referred to by their contemporaries as “this female man of God” − deemed a compliment!! (page 38-39, ‘The Forgotten Desert Mothers by Laura Swan’ published by Paulist Press, 2001, ISBN: 978809140169)

Which reiterates this statute of covenant of what womans role is within the context of the Church; read for further information ‘The Forgotten Desert Mothers: Sayings, Lives and Stories of Early Christian Women’ by Laura Swan and that of the book ‘Ancrene Wisse: Guide for Anchoresses’ by Hugh White, that is in regards to the Womens role and function in early religious context and in society.

And to paraphrase: in Spitteler and Goethe, it is the ‘worship of the soul’ symbolised by the ‘worship of woman’, which is implicit in this categorization in modern individualistic principles. Along with the three types of character definitions of the Beta, Alpha and the Alpha-omega females that are in existence in secular society, put forward by me, to give clear guidance of what each female holds as a principle within her being, that is, because we have to know what we are before we can become, and what as women they offer in terms of the Help that they can manifest.

That is: it began with the worship of woman, which strengthened the man’s soul very considerably as a psychological factor, since the worship of woman meant worship of the soul, as stated by Jung; the Alpha-Omega female concept and social construction.

THE METAPHYSICAL APPROACH TAKEN: In Aristotle’s work, he states that of four possible candidates for being the substance of something: essence, universal, genus, and subject. Presumably, this means that if x is a substance, then the substance of x might be either (i) the essence of x, or (ii) some universal predicated of x, or (iii) a genus that x belongs to, or (iv) a subject of which x is predicated. A subject, Aristotle tells us, is “that of which everything else is predicated, while it is itself not predicated of anything else” (1028b36). This characterization of a subject is reminiscent of the language of the Categories, which tells us that a primary substance is not predicated of anything else, whereas other things are predicated of it. In the ‘Categories’ work, Aristotle was concerned with subjects of predication: what are the things we talk about, and ascribe properties to?

In the Physics, his concern is with subjects of change: what is it that bears (at different times) contrary predicates and persists through a process of change? But there is an obvious connection between these conceptions of a subject, since a subject of change must have one predicate belonging to it at one time that does not belong to it at another time. Subjects of change, that is, are also subjects of predication. Change is seen in the Physics as a process in which matter either takes on or loses form. But from the point of view of the Physics, substantial individuals are seen as predicative complexes (cf. Matthen 1987b); they are hylomorphic compounds— compounds of matter and form—and the subject criterion looks rather different from the hylomorphic perspective. Metaphysics examines the subject criterion from this perspective.

For Aristotle turns to a consideration of the next candidate for substance: essence. That is, ‘Essence’ is the standard English translation of Aristotle’s phrase to ‘ti ên einai’, literally “the what it was to be” for a thing. Aristotle also sometimes uses the shorter phrase to ‘ti esti’, literally “the what it is,” for approximately the same idea. He reiterates these ideas in that: “there is an essence of just those things whose logos is a definition” (1030a6), “the essence of a thing is what it is said to be in respect of itself” (1029b14). It is important to remember that for Aristotle, one defines things, not words. That is, items in all the categories are definable, so items in all the categories have essences — just as there is an essence of man, there is also an essence of white and an essence of musical. But, because of the pros hen equivocity of ‘is’, such essences are secondary — that is the “definition and essence are primarily (protôs) and without qualification (haplôs) of substances” (1030b4–6). Thus, it tells us, it is only these primary essences that are substances.

Aristotle does not here work out the details of this “hierarchy of essences” (Loux, 1991), but it is possible to reconstruct a theory of such a hierarchy on the basis of subsequent developments. In that, the conceptual framework of Metaphysics, a universal such as man or horse — which was called a species and a secondary substance in the Categories — is construed as “not a substance, but a compound of a certain formula and a certain matter, taken universally” (Z.10, 1035b29–30). The eidos that is primary substance is not the species that an individual substance belongs to, but the form that is predicated of the matter of which it is composed.

In Metaphysics, Aristotle introduces the distinction between matter and form synchronically, applying it to an individual substance at a particular time. The matter of a substance is the stuff it is composed of; the form is the way that stuff is put together so that the whole it constitutes can perform its characteristic functions. But soon he begins to apply the distinction diachronically, across time. This connects the matter/form distinction to another key Aristotelian distinction, that between potentiality (dunamis) and actuality (entelecheia or energeia). Hence the proposition that Aristotle’s theory is ultimately consistent, on the grounds that it is committed to all three of the following propositions: (i) Substance is form. (ii) Form is universal. (iii) No universal is a substance. Thereat, a ’cause’ in this sense has been traditionally called a ‘material cause’, although Aristotle himself did not use this label. In a second sense, a cause is “the form on the account of the essence” (194b27), traditionally called the ‘formal cause’. A third sense, traditionally called the ‘efficient cause’, is “the primary source of change or rest” (194b30).

See my Facebook links and comments, and newspaper online articles for further details: Christian Metaphysical Society Female Sex Signs in Churches The Core Essence of Beings Emile Durkheim: religion – the very idea, part 1: the analysis of moral life


So oft as I her beauty do behold,
And therewith do her cruelty compare,
I marvel of what substance was the mould
Which her made at once so cruel-fair.

Not earth, for her high thoughts more heavenly are:
Not water; for her love doth burn like fire:
Not air; for she is not so light or rare:
Not fire; for she doth freeze with faint desire.

Then needs another element inquire
Whereof she might be made; that is, the sky.
For to the heaven her haughty looks aspire,
And eke her mind is pure immortal high.
Then, sith to heaven ye likened are the best,
Be like in mercy as in all the rest.

(poem by: Edmund Spenser, 1552-1599)


Good things, best and better



Core Feminine Attribute: Image

Specialist area: Talent

Constitution: Breathe

“The great and almost only comfort about being a woman is that one can always pretend to be more stupid than one is and no-one is surprised.” (quote by Freya Stark, Author)

GIRLY GIRLY : or Girly girl, alternatively spelt Girlie girl, is a slang term for a girl or woman who chooses to dress and behave in an extremely traditional feminine style to convey this, such as wearing floral dresses, blouses and skirts, and talking about relationships and other activities which are associated with the traditional gender role of a girl and acting in a forever youthful persona.

Website Info: Why are women who have it all so unhappy. The rage explosion: What has happened to the fairer sex? 

Beta Female Work Ethic traits: View of Life: Contrast. (Glass half full.) For ‘ambition’ equates to reaching at the top never to consider a bottom as to vacillate (status) and they play it smart. Inclined to be a polymath. Most likely to do an either/or ‘Polls’ test.

Symbolised by: Trophy on white with patha trophy cup.

Animal Metaphor: Magpie (a bird).

Their ideal forum: the public sector workplace.

Work category: Vocation.  Flexible Hours Worker type; part time, full-time, shift-hours, or a shared-job.

Public sector Icon: Betty Boothroyd

Objective: Competence

Judged on: Merit (promotions).

Sociological Concern: utilising the world resources. In Humanity: Protests – take to the streets.

Ambitious Summary:  Holier than thou.

God’s Treatment: treats Beta females with compassion/chivalry. “Hence they both know which side bread is buttered on.” (Consistent) Biblically Represented by:  Michal  (Beta female) It is recorded that she chose the welfare of David over the wishes of her father. (Holy Bible, 1 Samuel 18:20-27). Beta Females respond back to God’s attitude in that: she’d expect a blessing/boon. God’s Wrath towards her:  malevolent. What she needs from God: his .judgment.

Beta Female Character Traits: (Good) Positive Aspects: Discerning, focused, have self-awareness, proficient and are teamplayers – superiority complex.

Negative Aspects: “The Moaners” = to grumble about any issue ceaselessly mostly to their nearest and dearest. Conceited. Likes to show-off to others, envy can take hold over what someone else has, can’t take criticism, misleads on purpose, spiteful, has a tendency to throw things mentioned back in your face, demanding and can’t cope with any kind of changes, likes to play the role of a martyr, accusational; without facts, they are also relational aggressive, tantrum prone, lacks responsibility, an infant school playground mentality, never likes anyone else acquiring things in life or having a good or better time; other than themselves — whatever the occasion, attention-seeker: hates the feeling of being missed out and uses inference as a social hindrance tactic. Furthermore, gives back-handed compliments and a criticaster; inferior critic, also when in the company of those considered not to be in her league plays dumb or feign forgetfulness simply to be acroamatic: orally secretive, as not to *lose face* so playth the ‘damsel in distress’ thus can be thought of as socially lazy and patronising.  – inferiority complex (inferior traits).
Psychological Weakness: isolation – due to lack of purpose.
Favourite Comment: “Who do you think you are?!!” and “Think you’re better than me!”
Self Absorbed Factor: obsessions with outward ‘things’ and/or ‘trophy relationships’, that is, of the seems to be to me kind of self-importance. Knowing and keeping her rights.
When asked: “what do you want?” They won’t know where to start or be able to say unless its in categories.
Trait Summary: agitator
HOW THEY SPEAK: in ‘Concrete language’ that is, literally, which identifies things perceived through the senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste), such as soft, stench, red, loud, or bitter. Literal language means exactly what it says; a rose is the physical flower. 
Beta Female Social World View:

Family Life: they view their family life liken to their favourite talk shows and soap opera (along with the repeats) on television, that is, life is played out with drama, as there is constant comings and goings, and they love the thrill of  “we interrupt this transmission due to…” programs that is sometimes broadcast, because they feel it mirrors their own life’s pace, as somehow they seem to think, that everyone lives (or should live) in that same pattern of lifestyle. 

Friendships: declines meaningful friends with other women hence inclined to be a frenemy. She likes to be popular as to have kindred spirits, so everyone will become her alter ego, she hopes. Endings: They harbour ill-will and make you pay indirectly or directly through the legal/social system, then expects your forgiveness. Prone to bitterness against the adolescents, as they’re coming into their looks and who later in years manage to retain their looks (see weblink article: I used to be the one who turned men’s heads, but now it’s my teenage daughter… and it makes me so jealous.)

Their ideal partner: BETA MALE (Fella) = Position

The Beta Male is someone such as Ken Carson and this is because he is all about appearances (ie. ‘pulse: the new fragrance’ male), otherwise known as the ‘playboy’ for he will always fancy a specific type of female and this mind-set will remain unchanged; they trust a certain type of female being a sure thing, but if a woman changes even slightly, she’ll be dumped without hesitation. For the Beta males are the followers and the social sycophants, they are as likely to follow the relationship trend set by their male friends and family, as they like an easy time of things for limited hassles in life. The Beta males are the reliable, sweet, sensitive guys. Some are even cute and/or cuddly. Beta males are often more reserved however they are prone to sulk. They respect women and are sensitive to their feelings. Website Info: What modern women want is a Beta male.

Therefore heterosociality men view girlie girls as fun to be around for a good time, whilst she likes to *borrow* other females men as a girly girl thinks he’s a disposal item.  She prefers to stand behind him at events. She is loved for her poster-girl smile and general cheerfulness.

Relationship term: “I hooked/bagged my man.” Literary Archetype: Love Labour’s Lost Film Analysis on Relationships: Pillow Talk [1959]



Core Feminine Attribute: Action

Specialist area: Ability

Constitution: Growth

“Woman is a miracle of divine contradictions”. (quote by Jules Michelet, French Historian)

LADYBOY :  A ladyboy is a woman who when a young girl was a ‘tomboy’, having mellowed when reaching adulthood thus typically they are specious. But still exhibits some characteristics of the gender role of a boy through some of these characteristics: the wearing of typically masculine-oriented types of clothes. The practice of games and activities (often physical in nature) that are typically considered to be the domain of men, as more inclined to like the ‘six-pack stomach’ rather than a rounded stomach that denotes femininity.

Website Info:The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness.

Alpha Female Work Ethic traits:

View of Life: Monochrome. (Glass half empty.) And ‘Competitive’ means to out-do anyone or anything to be first, win, and game-over as to get results (position) because they play it with cleverness. Inclined to be a genius. Most likely to do an ‘IQ Mensa’ test.

Symbolised byladder a ladder.

Animal Metaphor: Giraffe

Their ideal forum: the private sector workplace

Work categoryCareer. A Corporate 9-5 and beyond worker type.

Private sector Icon: Anita Roddick

Objective: Excellence

Judged on: Value (monetary bonuses).

Sociological Concern: Saving the environment of the planet. In Humanity: Causes – form charities.

Competitive Summary: Moralist.

God’s Treatment: treats Alpha females with respect/admiration. “Hence they both have each others back.” (Reliable) Biblically Represented by: Judith (Alpha female) “She was also of a goodly countenance, and very beautiful to behold: and her husband Manasses had left her gold, and silver, and menservants and maidservants, and cattle, and lands; and she remained upon them.  And there was none that gave her an ill word; ar she feared God greatly.” (Apocrypha, book of Judith 8:7-8) Alpha females respond back to God’s attitude in that: she’d want a position within the ranks of the religious order. God’s Wrath towards her: sacrifice. What she needs from God: his mercy.

Alpha Female Character Traits: (Best) Positive Aspects: Disciplined, dedicated, has strong will-power, can handle pressure in their work environment only, and is a soloist – supernumerary complex (being extra).

Negative Aspects: “The Whingers” = to complain about the same issue constantly to anyone in ear-shot. Full of their own self-importance. Hidden Agendas. Rivalry. Libertine; and acts totally with, for and in their own self-interest. Addicted to causing bother. Instigator; infuriates to start arguments; to be that actual ‘bone of the contention’ in bickering over petty things/issues. Likes to humiliate/expose others: being  in any kind of relationship with them, they’d make you appear bad to others always. Jealousy can rear up its head quickly over what someone does, tactless; with throwaway comments, challenging as hates authority, likes to be perceived as a victim of circumstances, irrationally associates blame to others, impatient, smug, egotistical, mean-spirited; petty or malicious, contradictional, and any assumed slights will be confrontational; as having the first and last word mentioned thus *giving front* and will exploit any weakness or faults to boost their own self-esteem.

In addition brings up what other people did or didn’t do; purely to out-number by name-dropping, so ending up one-sided and heavily weighed in their favour; they are the mistresses of one upmanship, tendency to use guilt as a social hindrance tactic as being encased as a psychological manipulator. – superfluous complex (insecurity traits).

Psychological Weakness: obsessive disorder – due to lack of security. Favourite Comment: “Think you know more than me?!” and “I’ll cut you down to size!” Self Absorbed Factor: me, me, me, me; as selfish to the core therein doesn’t leave room for much else, so as to be self-serving. When asked: “what do you desire?” They’d have a list to run through, and will have another list on hand too. Trait Summary: antagonist

HOW THEY SPEAK: in ‘Figurative language’; figuratively, which changes the literal meaning, to make a meaning fresh or clearer, to express complexity, to capture a physical or sensory effect, or to extend meaning. Figurative language is also called figures of speech. 

Alpha Female Social World View:

Family Life: they view the family life liken to any game show, as they feel its similiar to the reality tv programs, because its only temporarily on their screen once a week, before they move to the adventure/adult channels on cable or satellite station; with a switch of the remote control, thus never show them the BBC Trade Test Transmission, because it can affect their home life; if it remains the same day in and day out without winning the ‘family fortune’ and/or participating in ‘Mr and Mrs’ regularly on the answer of a question.  

Friendships: inclined with the preference to befriend men rather than other women hence queen bees. She likes to be well connected, so everyone will know her, at some point or other. Endings: They bear grudges and will turn everyone against you including family and any future friends of yours. Prone to sourness against the very young, as they’ve got their whole life ahead of them (see weblink article: Office queen bees hold back women’s careers.

Their ideal partner: ALPHA MALE (Macho) = Power

The Alpha Male is someone such as Mr Big and he is all about personality (ie. the ‘its all worked out beautifully’ male), for he is known as ‘the player’, as he thinks that all women are toys in life, therefore made for his entertainment and likes to be impressed by women before he makes his choice, thus has the peter pan syndrome in relationship terms. He found out about women from his father or uncle, who he emulated when reaching his teens. The Alpha males are the top dog, the most dominant and successful. Also the Alpha male has a strong and overpowering personality however tendency to mood swings. They are the leaders of the pack, the rebels, the bad boys as Alpha males don’t often stick around for very long; as they are known for breaking hearts particularly Beta females. Website Info: Alpha males foresake trophy wife.

Thus heterosociality men view ladyboys as being the kind to be adventurous therein exciting to hang about with, meanwhile she thinks *every man* is hers by entitlement; as a ladyboy has no qualms in relationship limitation − they have none. Whilst she prefers to stand in front of him at events. She is loved for her living life to the full and go-getting attitude.

Relationship term: “I picked/chose him out from all the rest.” Literary Archetype:   The Taming of the Shrew Film Analysis on Relationships: Indiscreet [1958]



Core Feminine Attribute: Mind

Specialist area: Capability

Constitution: Aura

“A woman knows how to keep quiet when she is in the right, whereas a man, when he is in the right, will keep on talking.” (quote by Malcolm de Chazal, Mauritian Writer)

ULTRA GIRL : An ultra girl is a woman with a mature attitude, who when younger was shy but approachable, and didn’t do things to draw attention to herself, she was just noticed. Also there was a time when Alpha-Omega females were once called the fair sex (also see website Eulogy of the Fair Sex and the video recital of the Phenomenal Woman poem which is representative of the Ultra girl). Her manner of dress would be always to appear stylish and yet functional. The term woman is usually reserved for an adult but the Alpha-Omega females were ahead of their time in mental growth, therefore had a head start on maturity and their feminine natures.

Website Info: Come back Nellie and Cissie. Meet the Ultra Girls: they are the next generation. Men expect women to take all the decisions: What to wear, what to eat, why to buy – even where to live.

Alpha-Omega Female Work Ethic traits:

View of Life: Spectrum. (Glass is mine.) As ‘driven’ is a force of achievements that isn’t foreseeable until it happens and reveals itself to others by outcomes. Its to have a just do and will be so mentality, with more coming forth with each move. Plus with emphasis of arriving none the less (power) for they play by intellect. Inclined to be a generalist. Most likely to do a ‘Psychometric test’.

Symbolised by: raindrop a rain droplet into a pool of water.

Animal Metaphor: Doe (female goat)

Their ideal forum: The home domain.

Work category: Métier a Sessional Worker type; works to a schedule. (job; manual, trade; intellectual, profession; experience, skills).

Home sphere Icon: Eleanor Roosevelt

Objective: Outstanding

Judged on: Worth (Appreciation/Validation by community awards).

Sociological Concern: the quality of life.

In Humanity: Movements – they would meditate opinions.

Driven Summary: Pragmatic.

God’s Treatment: treats Alpha-Omega females with reverence/considered. “Hence they both be pleasing to each other in all states.” (Conscientious) Biblically Represented by: Deborah (Alpha-Omega female) “She held court under the Palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the Israelites went up to her to have their disputes decided.” (Holy Bible, Judges 4:5) Alpha-Omega females respond back to God’s attitude in that: she’d feel Holy. God’s Wrath towards her: denigration. What she needs from God: his grace.

Alpha-Omega Female Character Traits: (Better) Positive Aspects: Leadership. Authoritative. Humility; they’ve clear intentions. Steadfastness. Principled. Formidable. Conative; mentally striving and expressing endeavours, offers improvements; helpful, Meekiness; has self-control, multi-taskers; in prioritising, and are facilitators: as they tend to be explainers and informers, Competitive Spirit – supremacy complex. 

Negative Aspects: “The Nags” = to ask for something to be done over 25 times in any given period of time. Scornful. Possessiveness can manifest at certain times over what they’ve got that no-one else has, cares for or does. Parsimonous. Ignores others; doesn’t suffer fools gladly whatever the gender or age group, shrewdish, difficult; sheer bloody mindedness as doesn’t like to give in easily, argumentative; they tend to tell you, and if they don’t like something they won’t hold back until they’ve *got it off their chest*, captious and a hector.

Moreover syntactical in nature; by showing how things should be done, blunt and a misanthrope; as in their ironic speech hence invidious. Tends to like their views through rose-tinted glasses; choose words and actions very carefully for snob effect.  – supercilious complex (unconfident traits).

Psychological Weakness:  clinical depression – due to lack of external control in the environment around them. Favourite Comment: “Told you so.” Self Absorbed Factor: inward looking then the ‘whatever’ word used followed by a shrug, as to have self-regard. When asked: “What do you need?” They’d be very specific and graphic. Trait Summary: protagonist

HOW THEY SPEAK: in ‘Abstract language’; metaphorically, which refers to things that are intangible, that is, which are perceived not through the senses but by the mind, such as truth, God, education, poetry.

Alpha-Omega Female Social World View:

Family Life: they view the family life to be very much like their favourite comedy, documentary and special interest television programs, and that is, because it shows how things can change suddenly but yet brings out things that reflect choices, which can also mask life’s other ups and downs that happens to each member regarding their contribution to the household.

Friendships:  inclined with a genderless approach to friendships hence they’d be the crunch mater. She likes to keep close associations, so not everyone can know of her, only through the grapevine or by chance.  Endings: They cut you off completely. And they are in friendships prone to saltiness against the old*, as they’ve not much time left (see weblink article: Over-60s gain on the roundabouts.) *note this is not to be offensive, as in the bible it states “conduct yourselves wisely towards outsiders, making the most of time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer everyone.” (Holy Bible, Colossians, 4-5:6) and this is the practice younger Alpha-Omega should be getting as to the wisdom of the elder Alpha-Omega females in society; for it also says “Salt is good, but if the salt has lost its saltiness, how will you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.” (Holy Bible,   Mark, 9:50) which is why in friendships it is of importance to guide other women with this gift from God.

Their ideal partner: GAMMA MALE (Manly Man) = Domination

The Gamma Male is someone such as James Bond and he is about character, (ie. the ‘because the lady loves milk tray’ male) the opportunist and is known as the ‘silent type’ for he’ll observe a specific female for awhile as he likes to see her in different social situations before making his move, and when he does he’ll usually stay committed; as most heterosexual dalliances has been done in his youth and he learnt most about how to treat a woman from female relatives, so he brings experience to the relationship.  For Gamma males are more laid back, affectionate, but independent and capable on their own. Gamma Males aren’t interested in leadership, but neither are they in being a follower. To all appearances the Gamma male may seem like the Alpha or Beta male, but looking closer at him, he’ll  surprise you. He is a startling mixture of raw, sensual cockiness and sweetness, with respectful adoration for women, although he broods, as the Gamma male combines both the best and worst from the separate species of male types of Alpha and Beta.  Website Info: Can Alpha women love Gamma men? 

Thereat heterosociality men view an ultra girl as boring enough so as to be a helpmate, however, she knows he’ll find *no one else good, better, or best* other than herself as a woman for their the Tarts in the old-fashioned sense of the word of being a sweetheart but with intelligence. 

For she is more for being ad arbitrium (at pleasure) meaning anything done of one’s own will is performed ad arbitrium, an expression for the same thought is arbitrio suo ‘on his (or her) own authority’.  That is their view of sexual relations means these type of women enjoy a more sophisticated set up where their brain is engaged as well as their body with their heterosexual partner.  Whilst she prefers to stand beside him at events. She is loved for being herself always and due to her approach in life generally.

Relationship term: “I got to know him and his ways.” Literary Archetype:  Much Ado About Nothing Film Analysis on Relationships: The Quiet Man [1952]


STRONG WOMAN = a woman with a sense of self-possession, who is a matriarch & assured in her womanhood.

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