How do You 0rganise Yourself?

Mav - 2008 My study room - business books
My Study Room
(business books on one side of room
over the desk area – 2008)

MY TU120 ACTIVITY ASSIGNMENT:  How I Organise Myself
(click on blue highlight colour above to read the attached work in full.)  

Also weblink to my Facebook photo page where pictures of books organisation can be viewed:


It maybe wondered regarding the above picture of my study room, well one small part of it anyways, on the business book shelving but can’t be seen very well in the photo, whats on the very top? Well there is the ornaments of my sphinx cat looking very dignified I might add, and then there’s my little baby grey elephant with sun glasses on squeezing a yellow tube of sun lotion, which was a present from a guy where I used to work in an accountants firm that I’ve still got, so sweet, we had a sense of humour in the office, and just opposite on the corner shelf is my feline sex symbol cat which was given to me as a keepsake.

On the second shelving, it maybe wondered is what does it say on the flower that the beige and pink hippo is holding to its chest? It reads “Best Mum” as it was a Mother’s Day gift: over twenty odd years I earnt the title twice over!! I can tells you (see aside on the left here a picture of my daughter: Sharlene Du-Marie). 

Also on this shelf there’s my teddy bear graduate; he got a first class BA Degree in Bearology, and I think he enrolled lately for a MA in Bear Necessities; a weighty subject I’d say and directly underneath him is my silver Art Deco clock, love it, and along this shelf there’s my white small treasure box holding a lovely crystal Angel, which was also a gift, plus my sun glasses for wearing in the garden, and my Egyptian scribe ornament, who far too readily transcribes my expletives and is to keen in adding his own on the papyrus as to now remain unpublished! 

In addition it maybe wondered why the skull and feather? Well the skull represents the pursuit of insights, for those who pondered thoughts from the Renaissance period and usually they did have a skull in their study room to look at from time to time, so I thought I’d carry on the tradition, and the feather is because when young I had a lesson in how to make quill pens, told yous got a thing for pens…

Plus the other item near this section of the book shelf that maybe on readers minds which is hanging on the wall, is perhaps what’s the keyring newbie Angel girl holding? A diary book with the words “You’ll always be my friend, you know too much” which was a present too.

And directly underneath the shelving is my Open University higher education certificates hanging up (see picture below), and that is because they serve as a reminder on how far I’ve come.


My Study Room
(My Higher Educational Academic Achievements 
under the shelving and over the desk area – 2010)




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