“The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth,
and adds learning to his lips.”

(Holy Bible, Proverbs, Chapter 16, Verse 23)

graduate student owl     This blog is my personal student journal about my educational exploits that had occurred during my academic life, that is, since primary school to date, of those episodes which are relevant to this student blog of mine.

     And as it been asked so many times, as to why I call this blog ‘mdm35’, well not because the ‘WordPress’ blog site give it out automatically, that’s for sure.

     But for the simple reason of it happening to be the designated attributes at the very start of my student email address from being with the Open University, whom have their own reason for its inception, they chose it, and that was that, way back then and when I was a newbie undergraduate student, an innocent in the mores of credit point higher educational studying.

      So nothing complex, as such as from my named initials combined with a yester-year human age, or the mdm35 scientific formula, as to its reasoning for it being now associated with a blog.

      And in my General Profile section on my blog here, it gives a summary of my professional abilities; in organising, which has been a key strength of mine throughout my life journey, that has now been utilised effectively to maximise my time allotted for studying towards my objective.

      Also generally in this student blog it contains within its postings, one will find, my writing on various (un)familiar outings of my Open University experiences, that was, in-between studying, posting to online tutorial groups specific to the course undertaken (see my Educational History for details), and the student ‘First Class’ forums that was of interest to me: business and the arts, where one had to respond in an appropriate manner, therefore it is best to know the Online Forum Etiquette Rules before posting into those sorts of communities.

       However, due to study commitments I no longer post messages into those general forums but only the tutor group forums, and also another reason being: after completing a degree access into these groups is not granted.  Thereat I had called time, in an anticipatory move, on such activities to focus on my next agenda (see ‘A Scholar’s Motivation’  for further information) and even if I don’t complete the degree it would be due to a lack of financial funding and other engagements in life, that is, to coin a phrase: ‘I’ll be moving the goal posts regardless of the score line’ and that’s another original quote from me.

       As I achieved my original goal of having a multi-disciplinary higher education, which I had taken from the areas of study: Humanities, Business and Social Science (also see conferred academic titles after my name below) that I graduated in, and to what I had mentioned in a posting: ‘But Why By This Degree?’ to this effect, which was made official.

       But — as not to appear academically anti-social — this blog allows me, for this short duration, to express myself unhindered at periodical intervals instead (see My Random blogging post), and the comments, as well as, opinions expressed in my blog posts are my own views.

       Although, I must also state that I’m definitely not a ‘know-it-all’ and have never been inclined to dispense those kind of words to others, as my brain refuses to acknowledge such limitations, by which it may seem to know only one thing more-less the many, that means, when I need to know something, I usually utilise a resource outside of my mind as part of my research, thus holding within my brain only what I need to know, either to impart orally or written — if I choose to do so — by using said information, at that time, then dispensing with it thereafter, until I look it up again from archive and/or choose to apply such knowledge in another way.  I can only draw upon this process as being similar to ‘using the blank tile in the Scrabble game to give another way of describing this for a basic comprehension of the method conducted by my mind

       Thus it can be said, that I’m not attached to sentiments of merely knowing and saying stuff; learnt on rote, nor whether it be an answer or the question given to impress anyone whatsoever, and neither grammatically punctuated for mere effect to whomsoever reads my written work.

       Nor have I such a disposition to show any range of thought than what I really do know of in various degrees, that was acquired through having studied them in depth, as also to be qualified in them, to others just for the sake of it or ‘show boating’ which I have never been known for or to do, basically, I do not wear my ‘intelligence’ on my sleeve, for example, talking in bombastic terms on those things that are known.

       Unless of course, as it is currently given, in the academic written form, which I feel has some value or insight, such as my blog ‘Student Journal’. For as their given titles states, quite clearly, the content that can be found within their pages, that have been written and designed by me alone, unless otherwise stated, to be in a constructive way of exchanging information but from another kind of perspective, reformed again, for example, as given in my articles and essays category located within said website (on the left-hand side links on my mavarine.com home index page) and my blog (at the top left hand side of this page in the archives box), for a fresh understanding.

       Thereat, when reading my comments and opinions it may occasionally change (see posting: Changing concepts of knowledge), although its very rare, due to the fact that I’m one of those people, who can naturally synthesize well and this does reflect in ones writing style and verbal communication, as well as being able to analyse competently, but I’ll usually leave myself open to some constructive persuasion (see my podcast called ‘Social World Insights’) that is, to evaluate any further information, because the posts in my blog, podcast and website expresses what I thought at that time of writing them, but not necessarily what I currently think, which I’m still thinking about.  Exactly. (see The Thinking Triangle post).

       Also, if you do happen to use any material from this blog or my website, please either link back to this main blog, or the direct link to the page that was used. Then credit me within your references/ bibliography section, that is, by inserting my name, the copyright date, the name of the webpage or blog page article set within quotation marks, then the blog/website name specifying in brackets (online) at the end of this, and followed by the date and time that you actually accessed my site(s) to retrieve the information, which is placed at the very end.

       For example, see ‘How to write references for internet pages and online resources’, as this is also, an official ‘academic reference’ for the material that you use on a blog or website, or within essays, as the standard set by higher educational institutions too. See also my Defining Plagiarism post for further clarification as to why this is done in essays or online material. Thank you in advance for obliging.

       And by the way, all links that are used in this blog that are linked to external sites cannot be verified for the information contained within them, but I’ve tried to source blogs and websites which I have felt most relevant to my blog, but also that they are authoritative in their respective fields and/or entertaining. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible if any of the links used in this blog are changed or modified in any way.

       Also, I’d like to state categorically, as with my profile website mavarine.com which also relates to the business world, in creating this student blog relating to the educational world, I make absolutely no financial gain whatsoever, neither directly or indirectly.

       I have given all this totally free to those who happen to find their way to reading and viewing the contents within the sites.  As it was never my aim or intention to gain profit from the outset from creating these internet sites. They simply serve the purpose of rising my profile in the wider community as well as sharing open information.  Thus for creditability not to be called into question and to be without any doubt upon the authenticity, monetary attachments can not be involved, that is, not even by sponsorship.

       So, what I’ll eventually will do, hopefully, will be by gaining a fruitful vocation in another area of work one day when I gain the necessary academic qualifications which adds to the experience already acquired (see my Educational History & Resume for details).

       Lastly, have a wander reading my blog, when you see any text written in blue and underlined highlighted, it means by clicking on this part of the wording this link will take you to more information regarding the subject in a new window.

      Also some blog postings will be repeated simply because they correspond to other postings too, as its impossible to do a straight forward link to them, and when on my blog you want to retrace your steps back to the beginning, by clicking on the top main blue logo, at any point, will bring you back to the main page.

     And finally, I have also left a parting message in my Epilogue page, which summaries my student blog and my given acknowledgements to those who have assisted me educationally.

criticus apparatus. 


quill and ink pot

“The mind has it that there’s nothing worse than being a bore to oneself, so sharing the boredom helps to keep the focus in one place for awhile — an intense riveting ennui, as the point of boring is to dull the senses from wandering into being all hands.”(Mavarine Du-Marie)

Mavarine Du-Marie.
Copyright © 2008


All rights reserved.
Revised: January 9th
, 2013.
 The student c1908
The Student, c.1908 (oil on canvas) 64.2×76.5
Artist: Clausen, Sir George (1852-1944)
Location: Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums,
Brighton & Hove
ink smudge
We hope the information featured on these pages is helpful to you and studying. What we say may not apply to your particular situation, or be totally current at any given time. mdm35.wordpress.com© disclaims all warranties with regard to any information found anywhere on this website, quoted from mdm35.wordpress.com©, or sent from mdm35.wordpress.com©, including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. mdm35.wordpress.com© shall not be liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages, or any damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this information. 
In the Library, St. James’ Square, c.1805-06 (w/c on paper)
Artist: Pole, Thomas (fl.c.1806) (attr. to)
Location: © Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, UK



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